by Michael McGrath.
Councillor Melissa O’Neill is now the leading light for IREXIT in the South-East. She chaired an enthusiastic meeting of the new party in the Rhu Glen,  South Kilkenny.
As such her European policy is now the exact opposite to that of her former party Sinn Fein who are become the most rabid EU fans, even supporting all the mass immigration into Ireland – and recently the mosque for Hebron area of Kilkenny city.

IREXIT stands against the EU and their mass immigration policy. They want Ireland to leave the EU with Britain and a restoration of our national sovereignty with Irish people put first.

Hermann Kelly was also in South Kilkenny to sit at the top table for an enthusiastic public meeting. Hermann is the founder of Irexit and executive assistant to Nigel Farage in the European Parliament.

It’s all happening these days with Melissa O’Neill in The South East and now especially in Wexford for the by=election for which she is a leading candidate. One thing that can be said about Melissa, she is devoted to the cause of Ireland & unity and  nationhood.Melissa O'Neill


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