Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan supports the handing over of  Respond Ballybought Street houses to newly arrived refugees even  though there are two thousand people , including locals and immigrants, on the Kilkenny County Council housing list.

All other councillors including Andrew McGuinness are silent on the issue while Eugene McGuinness openly challenges the deliberate neglect of the city’s housing list.
In fact Councillor Noonan wants more refugees for Kilkenny , all to be housed in available houses here.
Basically it’s felt by Cllr. Noonan and the local liberals who support him that houses should be for refugees who can’t help themselves rather than for locals who have failed to help themselves and are years on the housing list through their own fault.

It’s felt by Cllr. Noonan and the others that the local Irish should really be self sufficient and not looking for Council houses after they have had years to sort themselves out, that public housing should only be for refugees, the disabled and so forth, that the Irish should have grown self sufficient long ago and should not need Council housing assistance any more.

In fact this is a central feature of Green party policy where it’s felt that the local Irish should not be taking up housing that should preferably go to the many refugees that we must house in order to fully observe EU policy.

The Irish have had years, the Green Party feels, to sort themselves out , and should not any more be be seeking social housing.  Other liberal councillors belonging to FF, FG and SF seem to think this as well as Noonan and the Greens.  They feel that our main obligation is now to refugees a lot more deservous than local Irish applicants who should have secured their own houses years ago. Indeed the leader of the Green party, Eamon Ryan TD, coming to Kilkenny soon, feels that the locals in Ireland complain too much, that they are all much better off than the unfortunate refugees who must now be helped out first and foremost here in Kilkenny as well as everywhere else.

However it has  escaped the memories of Eamonn Ryan, Cllr. Noonan and their fellow Greens that many Irish today would not have to seek Council houses but for the  collapse of the country that the Green party  was responsible for in coalition government with Fianna Fail – so they are the very last politicians who can blame the homeless Irish and those on the housing list,  many of whom are in fact immigrants here too.

Thus the Green party is great at blaming everybody else except themselves. They have very short memories – but for them and Fianna Fail there would have never been all the homelessness we have in this country today.

The fact is that we could indeed be housing a lot more refugees and indigent immigrants if the Green Party hadn’t helped to reduce Ireland to penury by increasing the national debt by at least 205 Billion Euros.  That would have bought a lot of houses for local Irish and refugees alike!

In fact there would be no homelessness at all in this country today but for the stupidity of that Fianna Fail -Green party government and anybody associated with it ought to be ashamed of themselves. Indeed Green party supporters and voters have a lot of apologising to do the homeless of this country, whether locals or refugees or immigrants, asylum seekers or whatever.

But for that disastrous FF-Green government that beggared this country a decade ago and all but destroyed us, everybody who needs a house no matter where they come from would be housed in Ireland today – and there would be no need for Direct Provision here either. But for them the celtic tiger would have carried on and Ireland would have been the wealthiest country in the world today.

A curse on the Green party as well as Fianna Fail for, as you can see, they are responsible for all our economic and housing ills today after they formed the most disastrous government in the whole of Irish history and in the whole of Europe outside of Greece.

Noonan can rant about “racists” all he likes –  but it is he and his party who have destroyed this country for everybody concerned, locals and incomers alike.  They have a right neck to call around looking for votes after destroying so much.  Shame on them all.Noonan


noonanTHE CONSTANT CARPING, the continuous stream of invective and slander in smearing your opponent with dirty names is not an Irish way. The Irish were always too noble for that. We were always better behaved toward our opponent, we were always more civilized, indeed we were always too intelligent and too well behaved to do that. We were a generous nation, an upright and God-fearing race. What became of us at all to descend to such a lowly level as others do?

All this carping and slandering , name-calling and bitching was never the Irish way. We would die rather than let ourselves down like that.

Stupid empty taunting, calling people nasty names , that was never debate and that was never us. It’s said that Trotsky the Russian  invented the slanging term  Racist as a weapon in 1927, though if he did he never used it as often and as boringly as fellows like Councillor Noonan use it today.  But Noonan never used it either up to recent years. And it’s only in the past year that he tried to smear an entire local section of this city, the residents of the estates surrounding the Hebron Road.

However we are not attacking Cllr. Noonan for trying to smear all those people as “racists” and “haters” in the furtherance of whatever nefarious purpose he has, we are pulling him up for being Un-Irish, for surpassing traditional limits in public invective in this country. Indeed there was never such a thing as public invective in Ireland up to now unless it was the anger hurled at the English in times gone by.

But in any land calling your opponent names is not a making a debate, it is low-class. True I grew up in the Civil Service in the Custom House where no hint of invective was permissible no matter how wrong your opponent was. You still debated whatever issue in a kind and generous manner no matter how much an oaf you perceived your opponent to be.  It’s not called the Civil Service for nothing and those like Cllr. Noonan who aspire to parliament one day should at least show their quality by keeping a civil tongue in their heads and try  intellectual debate for a change. It actually works!


Peter O’ Loughlin says the European Union experiment has failed. It is time for Ireland to strike out on its own, and use its natural resources for the benefit of the Irish people.

I meet him on Monday afternoon on the Parade in Kilkenny City. The streets aren’t particularly busy, but people have time to chat to him, and have a look at the literature.

Originally from Carlow and living in the leafy suburb of Bishopstown, Peter is the co-founder of a new political party, Identity Ireland – born out of a dissatisfaction with the way the country is being run. He describes the group as a ‘pro-sovereignty’ party, advocating a withdrawal from the European Union.

“Our resources are being sold out. They are not going for our benefit, whether it’s fisheries, mineral extraction like zinc and lead, agriculture – obviously the sugar industry is a huge issue in Carlow. That was shut down, although it was viable.”

The first person we stop is Roisin McQuillan, who politely listens to what he has to say. She asks him where the party is and how many members there are. He reveals that there are presently around 500 members, which it is hoped will grow moving forward towards the upcoming European Election. She wishes him well in his campaign.

Peter tells me it is difficult to pick out one single issue that is coming up a lot on the doorstep.

“Jobs, really, is a huge one – the economy is very important,” he says.

“I think a lot of people realise that obviously if we aren’t making the money, we can’t fund things. We can talk about individual areas like health, social housing, disability. But the simple fact is, if you ask people what’s the major problem with all these areas, it’s lack of resources.”

The next person we meet, Joe Moloney, is concerned about the economy.

“It’s a joke that we are in that situation,” he says, agreeing that a lot of money is going outside the country.

“I haven’t decided yet [who to vote for], but I will certainly consider Peter,” he says.

One of the more divisive issues – but one that Peter says a lot of people are starting to talk about – is immigration. He is proposing new, stricter border controls.

“We’ve seen a massive rise in our non-national population,” says Peter.

“Since the turn of the century it has gone from 2% or 3% to around 17% or 18%. There has been no debate on that.

“It is putting a strain on social systems, jobs, competition for jobs, driving down wages at a time when Irish people are forced to emigrate, are unemployed, under-employed or on training courses.”

He says that Identity Ireland and its policies are being quite well received as an alternative to others – because of the vision they articulate as opposed to ‘bland soundbytes’.

“A lot of people know who they don’t want to vote for,” he says. It’s early days yet…

Now that the UK is leaving the EU the most sensible thing for Ireland to do is to leave as well, Peter O’Loughlin contends.

PeterPeter O'Loughlin



Cllr. Malcolm Noonan has run down people coming into Kilkenny campaigning against the mosque, so obviously an allusion to Peter O’Loughlin (pictured), Leader of the officially registered IDENTITY IRELAND party.  This is a result of  Peter coming here several weekends to canvass door to door against the massive oriental structure  being sited over at Hebron, towering over St. Kieran’s cemetery.

Peter is a peaceful gentleman who, with his party colleagues , is entitled to canvass anywhere he wants in this country. He is a respectable gentleman, a well-educated teacher and classical musician, who comes from a much wealthier family than any of his knockers like Noonan.

Local journalists were impressed by Peter’s civilized approach and his obvious intelligence and educated approach when he ran as a candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election here in 2015, gaining almost a thousand number one votes without really trying.
And people here will have another chance to vote for Peter in the approaching European elections in May when he stands for his party IDENTITY IRELAND , that will be named on the ballot sheets beside his name as an officially registered party sanctioned by the Clerk of Dail Eireann in his role as Registrar of Political Parties.

What more does Noonan want out of Peter, blood? Well they got that already when they attacked him and beat him with an iron bar across the forehead aboard the Luas when it stopped at the Four Courts Luas stop in Dublin.
Noonan’s party leader Eamon Ryan was present urging on attackers against peaceful picketers against the mosque in Clonskeagh, Dublin.  One picketer, an old age pensioner called John O’Connell originally from Kerry and living in the Liberties of Dublin was attacked, and he told the Kilkenny Journal that he was in fear of his life that day when nine of them standing outside at Clonskeagh were attacked by hundreds running at them and screaming for blood and worse.

Malcolm supports the mosque –  Peter disagrees with Malcolm and says it should not be built there in Hebron, and all of a sudden the mild-mannered Peter is a “hater” and a “racist” according to Malcolm in a national newspaper.

Malcolm is by conviction a globalist as a senior member of the Green party. But Peter disagrees and says that Ireland is no longer a sovereign country that can control its own destiny.
He says we are a mere province of the Single Euro state, that we are dominated by the EU and have no more control over our resources, our economy or our borders.  Malcolm replies by calling Peter names, insulting and smearing him.

Peter alleges that the EU has taken billions from our fishing industry and destroyed the sugar industry in his native Carlow.  Malcolm says that Peter shouldn’t be allowed here in Kilkenny preaching any of this dangerous nationalism.

Malcolm is basically telling Peter that he should get back to Cork! Who is being petty minded there?

Peter states:

“If elected to Europe in May by the people of Kilkenny and the South Ireland constituency I will start the long overdue debates on the European union which others are too cowardly to talk about. These issues are dominating national debates all over Europe” – Peter knows because he constantly travels Europe addressing public meetings in Germany and Italy while Malcolm stays at home and calls him names.

We rest our case.



The KILKENNY JOURNAL states: In view of the history of this scheme we have no faith in how many locals will be given these houses. We have already published a report last year on the allocation of the first houses at Togher Way in which locals were virtually excluded. We have no faith left in the housing system.

Statistics are not available deliberately and official figures are being hidden by the Council in relation to how many of these houses are allocated to Irish people years on the Council housing list and people who have arrived in the country a wet day.

At Togher way originally FIVE out of Eight of the first houses built were allocated to refugees in the country six months or so – while we know of a man on the Kilkenny County Council housing list for 18 years!

John McGuinness TD  told us that there are over 2000 people on the Kilkenny housing list,  3500 throughout the constituency and that he despairs at the government over this.

People therefore need to make their views known with their votes in the upcoming local elections in which none of the people pictured here should figure. What is going on in housing around this city and county is disgraceful.

The Kilkenny Journal thus continues to stand firm with the Irish homeless in their own country and all the 2000 deserving people on the Kilkenny County Council Housing List.

They must get the houses first or there is no sense to creating a list or a queue in the first place. Refugees could then be housed in turn  in the hotels and hostels that our homeless Irish vacate.

Surely that would be the fairest system on Earth?

PHOTO : Minister for Housing Eoin Murphy,  Minister John Paul Phelan, Cllr. Mary Hilda Cavanagh and C.E.O. Collette Byne pictured at the opening of 18 further houses at Togher way, Urlingford, Kilkenny earlier today.Urlingford

TROTSKYIST PBP CANDIDATE FOR KILKENNY ELECTIONS. The lunatic fringe arrive for Kilkenny elections.


THE PBP is the group that attacked staff in the Rhu Glenn hotel over their phones last Friday two weeks at a local candidate’s launch , they believe in a confrontational and even violent approach to politics. Anywhere they get in they are serious trouble.

Worried members of the staff of the Rhu Glenn were threatened and abused over the hotel phones by these Kilkenny-based PBP members trying to prevent Councillor Melissa O’Neill’s election launch there, as reported in The Kilkenny People and elsewhere.

They had to be removed from the hotel after they started shouting insults at guests calling them “fascists”, “racists” and “women haters”.

They are allied with the Antifa terrorist organisation. Convicted paedophile Pat Corcoran was a leading member of both. Remember we reported how he walked free on conviction from court in Dublin. He is believed to be back again working quietly behind closed doors for the PBP/ANTIFA in these elections.

They are to introduce their classic tactic of introducing the race card into their local election strategy while they claim victory unto themselves for gay marriage and the introduction of abortion, as if they were the only ones involved  when all they were was a tiny caucus.  Yet their uncaring attitude to transgender folk shows them up for the hypocrites and chancers that they really are.

They support the giving away of all the Council houses to refugees while they falsely and hypocritically claim to be on the side of the homeless people on the housing lists who have to wait even longer on houses as a result,  that’s if they ever get a house at all now.  Thus PBP lies through their teeth to the ordinary people.

They have acted in support of the Kilkenny mosque and picketed the O’Loughlin Gaels mosque meeting with placards declaring everybody going into that meeting to be “racists and haters” . Thus they campaign by smearing innocent people en masse.

Allies of this party also attacked former Kilkenny Dail candidate Peter O’Loughlin and beat him about the head with an iron bar in a Luas carriage at the four courts stop in Dublin three years ago. And now they obviously plan to introduce such political violence to Kilkenny. All we can say is that they’ll get what they are looking for here – plenty of it!
So it’s better that they are not encouraged to set up here at all.

Their economic prescriptions would turn Ireland into another Cuba, we’d end up a basket case like Venezuela is today.

Quite seriously we can do without such extremism and the violence that always accompanies such terrorism. We have managed to escape it so far and it’s up to the people and the voters of this city to keep politics safe, peaceful and responsible. In the finality that’s up to the voters here as anywhere else.
It goes to show that we can never take our idyllic existence here in this city for granted but have to be vigilant to protect our society from the civil strife as we see elsewhere in the country.

You get the politicians you deserve, you get the politics you deserve, so above all we have to be on our guard to keep disruptive forces out and maintain civil peace and order. This city saw enough of strife and division during the bridge protests that cost us a massive waste of time and money running into the millions, so we know the type of politics we don’t want here again with the garda riot squad in action on our city streets.

The PBP is the former SWP international Trotskyist front that is known and even feared for the violence of their methods once they get in anywhere. But we would be dreaming if we thought we could keep such evil influences out of Kilkenny forever, that we could somehow fence our city off from the negative forces at work in other parts of the country, especially Dublin and the North .
For these are the lunatic fringe now arrived here to challenge the peaceful existence that so many of us have grown to cherish – and to take for granted.

We must give them their answer on polling day, Kilkenny is not going to lie down easily under threat from such political mobsters. We don’t need such low lifes in our political life, we have plenty of other good candidates to vote for.

So let’s reject these vermin from the get go, drive them from your doors. These people are latter-day communists who would destroy our city and our lives by their extremism , their violence and above all by their lunatic fringe politics.


As we see the various campaigns start up by candidates for election to Kilkenny County Council in a few months time, The Kilkenny Journal reviews  the various candidates.

There are seven seats for the city area in the new arrangement that we will be detailing shortly.  The evergreen candidate Malcolm Noonan will be running again.

However Cllr. Noonan ran down a democratic public meeting in the O’Loughlin Gaels clubhouse and stigmatised the 200- odd attendance as “racists and haters” in an objectionable tirade against people attending an information evening there addressed by the Imam, the mosque architect, Deputy John McGuinness, his brother Eugene and several others –  all in attendance out of their genuine concern for this city.

Malcolm Noonan, who didn’t even bother to attend himself, lambasted all those present at that meeting based on second-hand and second rate reports from the local amateur radio station , KCLR, run by a journalist who was  herself fired from a good job in Independent newspapers. She wasn’t present at that meeting either but represented by a local amateur who writes up entertainment notices part-time on a local paper.

Cllr. Noonan, who prides himself on being chairman of a local “Kilkenny Integration council” that he basically set up himself , lost the head and attacked all the residents present at the contentious GAA club meeting.

Jobless himself for years , it could be said that he has nothing better to do except stir it up in the city, especially over mass immigration that he pushes at every hand’s turn.  He is the local mouthpiece for the Green party who has failed at everything else. This is the type of fellow who feels himself superior to his fellow citizens and reserves the right to disparage us at every opportunity to try and gain headlines in the newspapers for himself.

But he is not alone. There’s a clique in this city, drinking around bars like The Pumphouse and Ryan’s, who think they are the “real mccoy” themselves , that they are superior to everybody else, a sort of a local jet set who attach themselves to Noonan to engage in one-up-man-ship and virtue signalling.

A powerful demagogue,  he led a mob against the construction of the new St. Francis bridge and cost the city five millions in delays – but then ran away the moment the gardai moved in and made an arrest. he’s a cute hoor like that.
He betrayed the people of Walkin Street, who objected to a high rise building project there –  by doing the Judas on them at a Council meeting and ran away from them too.

A self-appointed traffic expert , this man has cost this city millions in rejected business as he opposes everything that doesn’t fit in with his narrow Green Marxist ideology.  He is now become a definite liability on Kilkenny and a serious obstructive influence to its future expansion and prosperity.

Kilkenny has lost a lot of business and opportunity by allowing itself to be one of the last boltholes in Ireland of the disastrous Green party that destroyed the country only a decade ago in coalition with an equally disastrous Fianna Fail party.

Cllr. Malcolm Noonan and his Greens have caused massive loss to this city while he slanders any opposition courageous enough to stand against his destructive policies and actions ,  that have for instance driven big business like Tesco away from Kilkenny by frightening them away with campaigns of hostility – as he did out at Callan.

This is a man obsessed. he boasted to the editor of the Kilkenny Journal that I “haven’t seen anything yet”, that he and his colleagues are going to fill this city to the brim with illegal aliens, “Just wait and see the next census!”, he taunted.

The man is obviously gone berserk in wanting to flood his own city with more and more migrants from all over the world, but when asked why he couldn’t explain except to say, ” All the diversity will enrich Kilkenny” , whatever he means by that .  He never spelled it out. We think that in all honesty the man hasn’t got a clue about all the damage he is doing.

There has never been a word from Cllr. Noonan about the native Irish homeless.  His only effect on this city has been to make matters worse for the local homeless on the housing list for as he promotes the Incomers over their heads for council houses.

There are over 2000 on the Kilkenny County Council housing list – while Noonan promotes more mass immigration that will only see the figures climb.  In the entire constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny there are 3,500 people on the housing lists.

We need seriously committed candidates who will work genuinely to try to assist in this housing crisis that has left so many Irish people homeless in their own country, here in Kilkenny in their own city and county.   Sadly there are councillors like Malcolm Noonan who quite honestly do not give a damn – after all, they’re only Irish.Noonan


by Michael McGrath.
John had to deal last night with an aggressive Barry Cowen at a Fianna Fail party meeting in Dublin.
Cowen took on John who wants a break from the pact with Fine Gael , but John stuck to his guns in his desire to free Fianna Fail from that agreement and prepare for an election.
I have had my own encounter with a drunken Barry Cowen late at night after the count in the Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election and it is not a very pleasant experience.

Compared to Cowen, who can try to bully, John is a gentleman. From what we hear Cowen was way out of order and over the top.

Cowen threatened me that time that if he ever heard of anybody criticising his brother Brian, the former taoiseach, he would “break his jaw” . Micheal Martin came along , shook hands with me and Cowen suddenly went silent and disappeared.

All I had done is asked Cowen what his brother was up to and he apparently took this up the wrong way.

He simply reeked of drink.McGuinness


SEAN O hARGAIN, former Mayor of Kilkenny , rejected in the last Kilkenny Council elections in 2014, is trying to get back again.
Here Sean is pictured visiting the temporary Kilkenny mosque on the Freshford Road, Kilkenny, to pledge his allegiance and support for the new mosque proposed for the Hebron Industrial Estate.
He is to try to get his seat back in May by contesting the upcoming Council elections.
He himself lives at a good distance from the proposed mosque in a large modern detached house up on Greenshill, Kilkenny city.

O’hArgain is pictured on the left at Kilkenny Mosque, Freshford Road, Kilkenny.Sean O'hArgain

KILKENNY MOSQUE GATHERS POLITICAL SUPPORT. Deputy John McGuinness exercises his right to remain silent as son Cllr. Andrew supports the Mosque. by Michael McGrath.

andrewnoonanSF ArabThe mosque proposed for the Hebron Industrial Estate at the entrance road to Kilkenny city is now supported by a local TD and four Kilkenny councillors.
They are:

1.  Deputy Kathleen Funchion , Sinn Fein.
2.  Councillor Sean Tyrrell, Sinn Fein
3.  Councillor David Kennedy, Sinn Fein.
4. Councillor Andrew McGuinness, Fianna Fail.
5. Councillor Malcolm Noonan, The Green party.

The Mayor of Kilkenny, Peter Chap Cleere, told the Editor of the Kilkenny Journal that he believes that the Hebron area is the wrong place for the mosque due to traffic amongst other planning reasons.

The other city-based councillors, Cllr. David Fitzgerald FG  proposed an archaeological dig at the mosque site prior to any construction there.  Councillor Joe Malone FF claims the right to remain silent.

Deputy John McGuinness FF also insists on the right to remain silent.

All the rest of the local politicians in the County areas  are silent or non-committal about the mosque. We suggest that the voters ask councillors and election candidates where they stand on the mosque issue as they come canvassing to your doors between now and May 24th, election day for the Council and for the EU parliament.

PHOTOS, 1. Cllr Andrew McGuinness poses with the Imam and friends at the temporary Kilkenny mosque on the Freshford Road.

2.  Councillor Malcolm Noonan who called over a thousand people who signed a local petition against the mosque “Haters and Racists”

3. Sinn fein councillors in support of the mosque, Sean Tyrrell and David Kennedy, pose with the Imam at the present Kilkenny Islamic centre on the Freshford Road, Kilkenny.

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