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(source) At 120.79 violent sexual assaults per 100,000 people, and 56 rapes per 100,000, the otherwise bleak socialist Sweden ranks as having the second highest rate of sexual violence in Europe. What makes SWEDEN so exceptionally dangerous for women? Its militant feminism is embedded in its political culture and its educational system. Sweden has boasted of a […]

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Orban or not to ban: why decent people in the West support Hungary. — The Slog.

Most MEPs, NATO, the European Commission, George Soros, the CIA and the vast majority of the West’s MSM support the European Union in its determination to get rid of Viktor Orban and bring Hungarian nationalism to heel. Those groups alone represent seven excellent reasons to support the government in Budapest. The Hungarians have been screwed […]

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Angela Merkel Political Allies Crushed in Bavarian Election… — The Last Refuge

In yet another example of voters rejecting the mass-immigration and suicidal pro-jihad policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bavarian voters delivered the most crushing defeat to her aligned political allies since 1950. The Christian Socialist Union (CSU) lost more than 10% of their previous support; and their closest allies, the Socialist Democrats (SPD) also lost […]

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73210125_1d0abe60Women are now offered abortion services in Kilkenny. Several have called the HSE-funded (i.e taxpayer-funded) MyOptions hotline already to speak to councillors and learn what G.P’s are offering the abortion pill here in our historic city where history is being made for a most controversial reason now, depending on how you voted.

Most people didn’t vote to cause pain to the foetus while being aborted or to deny almost-born babies a proper funeral as the soul is supposed to arrive, depending on your theology of course, at conception.  Harris may have gone too far in such respects , we consider. The health minister has delivered the referendum verdict ruthlessly and mercilessly.

Abortions haven’t commenced in St. Luke’s Hospital yet though the evil day is only being temporarily avoided while advanced cases are to be transferred to Waterford university hospital at Ardkeen.

Local GP’s in for the 450 Euro a go  bribe for prescribing the pills can relax, we feel that Kilkenny is far too small a city in which to name their names, but woman can get their names by phoning the hotline anyway – we want no hand, act or part in that grubby world.

According to the CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the UK’s largest provider of abortion services, Ireland’s new abortion law is even more “progressive” than that of its neighbour.  Those who campaigned for abortion have now gotten full measure and they will have nobody else to blame for what goes wrong, as Eileen O’Hanlon quite correctly stated in today’s “Sunday Independent”. Ms. O’Hanlon goes on to pose the serious question, “how soon before the comedown kicks in?”

The Dublin Archbishop has now completely retreated from having anything to do about abortion, even blaming the protesters at abortion clinics for keeping it up.  The pro-life campaign is now a secular organisation, many of them even embittered at what they see as the treachery of the archbishop and the church.

We feel that proposals for “exclusion zones” are totally wrong and could even be unconstitutional under Article 40 and that therefore any such new law from Harris will end up being challenged in the courts.  There could be years of such battles ahead yet – but it will all be of a totally secular nature for the church has now abandoned its own as it turns away to become a private organisation in Ireland no longer concerned with the State. From now on it will be secular fighting secular.

It’s silly of such as Amnesty International to jump in anger over the Galway protest or to call for draconian laws, it’s a total over-reaction. Everybody in every town in Ireland is sooner or later going to know the names of the GP’s prescribing the pills at 450 Euro a signature – the greatest bribery operation in Ireland since the Act of Union of 1801.

That’s Ireland, that’s the nature of it – how certain doctors made their blood money will be gossip forever out of time. This hasn’t got half-vicious yet, we’re in a lull nationwide like the few months before the Civil War when you had “The Battle of Kilkenny”.  We know how long and bitter that war lasted so we should know what to expect.

Only about 200 out of the 3500 registered GPs have signed up for the Abortion Bounty and understandably worries about their names being made public and bandied about town in communities like ours here in Kilkenny has played a part in that medical reluctance.

There’s a parallel war waging along roughly the same divides with allegations of the nation sold out to mass immigration and all the woes emerging from this with huge pressure on accommodations, hospitals, schools and our welfare system primarily, but social pressures too in the criminal and law enforcement areas.  The Right emerged strongly at the Dail before Xmas challenging the unauthorised signature of that UN immigration accord, so strong that the Dublin Left, for the first time ever,  feared to physically attack them and were reduced to standing and sneering. That was an enjoyable sight to behold.  The same Right had no fear of picketing the Galway abortion clinic either this week.  We go into 2019 more divided than ever. Can the Centre hold?




Pro-life activists have been busy replicating Ireland’s government abortion website by substituting it with a website full of life affirmative information and messages to women who may need guidance in which way to choose. 73210125_1d0abe60