THE GATHERING AT THE MOSQUE = The Evidence. by Michael McGrath, editor.

the gatheringTHE GATHERING AT THE MOSQUE.   Cllr. Andrew McGuinness standing , Margaret O.Brien (SF) sitting with microphone, red arrow points to Cllr. Sean Tyrrell (kneeling) who now explains that he went out there to the Freshford Road mosque to ask the Imam not to build the new mosque at the Hebron site.

Councillor Andrew McGuinness of Fianna Fail supports the mosque while Councillor Sean Tyrrell of Sinn Fein  kneels in front of the Imam.

Sitting in front of the Imam is city political activist Margaret O’Brien holding the microphone and speaking in support of the new mosque for Kilkenny.  She was also carefully selected by the local radio station, KCLR , to give a detailed “interview” that was broadcast to all the local populace afterwards, while any representative of the mosque protesters was not invited to reply.

This charming scene was played out at an Open Day in the temporary Freshford Road mosque to support the proposed new Kilkenny mosque to be located at the Hebron Industrial estate in Kilkenny city.
Cllr. Malcolm Noonan was also present to support the mosque while he smeared those opposed to it across kilkenny as “haters and racists” , which is of course patent rubbish.

The chief objector Eugene McGuinness ( never allowed to speak by any of the local MSM media since the controversy began!) actually states that his position has “nothing to do with race or religion” but with the fact that the  traffic  gridlock would  lock him and hundreds of his neighbours into their estate at Bishop Birch Place and that thousands of residents all around would be seriously affected too.

He accepts that Councillor Noonan has every right to support the mosque even if he lives a couple of miles away across the city from it. He also accepts that his own nephew, Councillor  Andrew McGuinness , has a personal right to support the mosque as he does.

He says that anybody has a right to support it , but shouldn’t do so if they have any thought for all those of their fellow citizens in St. John’s Parish who will have to live with it in their daily lives.

Eugene holds that we haven’t a chance if citizens don’t stick up for one another in solidarity across this city and county and therefore calls on everybody in Kilkenny to stand by their fellow citizens faced with this mosque against their will without ever having been consulted or represented on the Council by any councillor or by any local TD in the Dail.

Eugene has never yet been allowed to speak about the mosque by any local newspaper or radio station in Kilkenny , despite being the elected spokesperson for thousands of objectors across the city.

Such dictatorship didn’t exist here since the time the local “Kilkenny People” was closed down by the `British a hundred years ago with their machinery smashed up. That’s as bad as it is again in Kilkenny today after a hundred years of so-called “freedom”.

Eugene has an appeal with An Bord Pleanala against the mosque and will go to court on behalf of all the objectors if he has to. he is also going forward for election to Kilkenny County Council in the local elections in May to carry on the fight right into the Council table.

Outside of The Irish Times that has interviewed and published the objectors’ side of the story, Eugene has had no hearing with any other media bar The Kilkenny Journal online. We believe in remaining objective and impartial in the face of public controversy in the best standards of Irish journalism.


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