by Michael McGrath.
“The hotel had recently contracted with my department to provide accommodation for 80 asylum seekers who have come to our country to seek protection, many of whom have experienced conflict and trauma and are vulnerable,” Flanagan said.
This is a bare-faced lie by Charlie Flanagan, our Minister for Justice next door in County Laois.
For asylum seekers are not refugees, they are illegal aliens who have committed a criminal offence by crashing into this country, many without personal identification – they could be anyone – and therefore do not deserve to be rewarded for it.
The fire is, of course, regrettable, but Irish history shows us that in the battle against injustice to their communities the Irish will resort to such tactics and will not idly stand by.
For the Irish were never consulted either in referendum or in any election about this compulsory choice of their villages for resettlement centres. The incident has to be understood as such a reaction, surely? People denied democratic choice will resort to such dangerous deeds and fire is the worst, it’s everybody’s nightmare.
But if Mr. Charles Flanagan thinks that because of this we are going to go along with him in his false version of events given out of the side of his mouth, he is very wrong. In fact he doesn’t deserve another vote in his impregnable Laois fortress while he deliberately goes against the Irish people with such a lying claim.
For only genuine refugees have an entitlement to international protection – asylum seekers don’t! In fact the latest statistics are that only 8% of them are finally adjudicated to have a right to remain here, though few are ever actually deported . There’s about 50,000 of them “on the run” throughout the country , though they still receive some welfare assistance and are seldom arrested.
But simply because they are not arrested this does not mean that they are legal, far from it. And that’s where the likes of Flanagan in this government are out to bluff and con the Irish people who naturally resent their villages being chosen without any consultation whatsoever but rather at the diktat of this minister and his Department of Justice.
Indeed many are turned away at our airports and put back on the next flight home and this must happen more, that’s what the local Irish communities are saying to the likes of Flanagan and his top civil servants.
If the situation was handled with true justice and care for the communities then there would be no such criminal fires lit in reaction by a community otherwise powerless and with no say in their own futures because of the minister’s tactics and lies.
These communities are deeply affected by the insertion of such sheer weight of numbers into their midst, it affects directly the capacities of their local schools where their own children may not gain admittance due to the increased numbers seeking educational access. It affects medical access too. And many of such centres are weary of so many unvetted strangers in their midst in view of all the attacks across Europe in recent years.
All this said, setting fire to any building is always wrong and never justified. But Flanagan should stop lying and tell the truth to the people and consult them personally. Or else he should resign and get out of politics for mouthing such evident falsehood.
Of course we sympathise with those of the asylum seekers who are genuine and who would contribute by work and taxes to this country eventually. Indeed any of them here for two years or more without doing a stroke of work should be sent home.
The country does not need any more people coming in here dependant on long term welfare, that’s really bad economics if the country is ever to recover fully and especially in view of fears over Brexit. On the other hand fire is horrific and has to be stopped. Now why couldn’t Mr. Flanagan simply state this truth instead of pouring more lies on the problem?
He is a thundering disgrace and should resign forthwith!


  1. I only know one TD that does good for Ireland and that is Ken Smollen. As for the rest, I was helped once by one good TD and that is all since 2005.

    The rest swan around our communities doing nothing but posting rubbish on Facebook. Only time I see them when its voting time, and then they walk past you on the street, after you voted for them, and not even say hi. This is how people revolt.

    As for people coming into the country:- why is it anytime there is economic strike the natives must blame the so called ‘foreigners’ instead of the crooks in power? Criminal GOV’s must love that cos it redirects away from them lying to get into power, then doing something else that is hardly ever in our favor, and getting a golden pension when the country is sunk worse than before. Anyways, traitory in Ireland seems to be OK with the vast majority in recent times.

    Hopefully there will be no more fires and I am glad no one was hurt.

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  2. Sure his firm still signs his name illegally on documents. He has no law license .
    And another deceased partner they sign as well. That’s a crime.
    He is corrupt. Lines his pockets at the cost of the people..

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  3. I do not like fire ) but in this case yes fire with fire) Flanagan is a two faced lying bastards PARASITES) the people should have been informed and given the information on the asylum seekers) end of rant


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