John always made out that he was “pro-life” but now we see the truth of his standing today as he physically voted in a Dail division in favour of Abortion without Restriction for all persons for up to three months.

This is an incredible U-Turn on his part that will both surprise and disappoint many of his supporters in Carlow-Kilkenny.

It’s understood that he is to go for the European elections next May and that could be the explanation for this blatant volte face on his part.

John is therefore no longer to be regarded as pro-life.JohnMcGuinness


An opinion poll for readers in the following thirteen Irish provincial newspapers has Peter Casey now leading in the presidential election to be held on Friday.  Mr.  Casey takes the lead in all of the following Irish provincial newspapers owned by the ICONIC NEWSPAPER GROUP throughout Ireland:

We think that Michael D Higgins probably still leads in Dublin and his former Galway constituency.  Mr. Casey is as high as 53 per cent with Higgins dipping to 29 % across the readership areas of these newspapers. And Peter Casey takes votes from every other candidates too, reducing them all to single figures!

It’s now a two horse race according to all these provincial newspaper opinion polls between Mr. Higgins and Mr. Casey. Most of these newspapers publish their weekly print editions tomorrow (Wednesday) morning so look out for them. They can be purchased in Dublin in Easons of O’Connell Street.

AlcandidatesGavinDuffyHigginshiggins and sorosl the candidates feature on Prime Time RTE TV tonight commencing at 21.45 hours.


There are six candidates in the running for president of Ireland. Five of them have repeatedly claimed that travellers are marginalised and victims of discrimination…. That they deserve our respect and support and proportionally, the 26% more per capita spent on every one of them versus all others in receipt of social welfare.

This claim is supported by the Taoiseach, Minister Flanagan and many other politicians along with the media, particularly RTE.

There is absolutely no reference to the people of rural Ireland who have been murdered in their homes during robberies, beaten and robbed in their farms and houses and even when the perpetrators are caught they get a slap on the wrist…. Because they are victims????

How many people in remote homes sleep at night when they know that travellers are in their area? How many shops and pubs have been closed because they were targeted by large groups during funerals or weddings? How many elderly people have been targeted to have gutters “fixed” or sheds “painted” and had their life savings siphoned out of them?

How many people do you know of on the dole that can spend in excess of forty thousand on a new car regularly not to mention regularly spending thirty thousand and upwards on weddings and in many cases on holy communions? They even do so on RTE and Tv3/Virgin documentaries yet they go unchallenged.

The five candidates and Leo and his ministers do not get it because they live in a bubble but Peter Casey has hit the nail on the head and people need to stand up and make a point with their votes next week. He may not get in but at least the cosy PC brigade might get the message that we are sick of their apologies for criminal behaviour and take note of rural Ireland.



On 25th September 2015 Irish President Michael D Higgins flew the North Atlantic in the government’s Lear jet to visit George Soros at his mansion in Westchester County, New York State.

The purpose of this Higgins’ visit to the Billionaire set on world domination has never been disclosed , but in fact kept secret by Higgins, Soros, the government and the Irish media.

Was it to borrow money from Soros or was it that Higgins shares  the Soros mission for world domination by the globalists, as seems likely from Higgins’ politics, interests and speeches where the Irish president emerges as a Trotskyist in effect.

This visit is kept under such wraps by RTE and the MSM in Ireland that we’ll never know.  Perhaps one of those State secrets you hear about?

Higgins also used the Lear jet for four flights in the first three months of this year, including pleasure flights to Greece, London and Kerry.higgins and soros


JOHN McGUINNESS TD to be Fianna fail candidate for the European parliament next May, leaving his son Councillor Andrew McGuinness to succeed him in the Dail in a subsequent Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

John’s younger brother Eugene “anti-mosque” McGuinness could then be the only member of the McGuinness family left on Kilkenny County Council if he is elected in next May’s local elections as seems likely.25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3) Eugene is pictured here, he says he will go as far as the Supreme Court if necessary to stop the mosque being built in Kilkenny.


Start the campaign with a big fat lie of an opinion poll and keep that up regardless – that’s what the papers are doing with the presidential election for Higgins, just what they did in the gay marriage and the abortion referenda.

All the gullible fools will then follow the lie , they will not risk being left with the loser. This is the Big Lie being perpetrated now on the Irish people by the newspapers while they’re laughing at you behind their sleeves all the time.

But the big lie of the polls lies brutally exposed tonight. Higgins didn’t get a massive majority in a normal election –  he  was reduced to 52% in the worst poll in any Irish election since Independence in 1922 as a bare 43% of the electorate turned out while the rest voted with their feet by walking away.

Don’t ever be fooled by these newspaper polls again!Caseycandidates


Peter Casey to march on with new Centre Party.

Businessman Peter Casey. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA1
Businessman Peter Casey. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA


In an article in the Sunday Independent Mr Casey steadfastly refuses to apologise for his remarks, and attempts to open another front in his controversial campaign by describing Ireland as a “welfare-dependent state” which, he says, has led to a “sense of entitlement that’s become unaffordable”.

Mr Casey has secured nearly a quarter of the votes as the runner-up in the Irish presidential election.

He writes: “We have become a nation of people who expect, no demand, that the State looks after them. Pay all of their bills, provide them with homes, provide all sorts of social benefits.”

Yesterday, Fianna Fail Social Protection spokesman Willie O’Dea hit back at the businessman, saying his comments were an “attempt to breathe life into outdated rhetoric”.

However, the Sunday Independent can also reveal that at least four ministers in Taoiseach Leo Varadkar‘s Cabinet have opposed Traveller accommodation in their constituencies.

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, Arts Minister Josepha Madigan and Rural Affairs Minister Michael Ring have all supported local opposition to Traveller accommodation.

Today, Mr Casey, a former Dragons’ Den panellist, says he was going to quit politics after he was accused of being a racist over comments he made about the Travelling community.

However, he is now “more determined than ever to remain in politics” after being inundated with messages of support and getting such a massive vote for a first-time non-politician.

He also refuses to apologise for his comments about Traveller ethnicity because he believes they are “first and foremost” Irish citizens.

“I believe, if we all accepted them more as ‘Irish’, we would do so much more to remedy their long-standing problems, like chronic unemployment, homelessness, and a suicide rate that is six times the national average,” he says.

The under-fire businessman also uses the article to criticise what he calls “socialist politicians” who are focusing their attentions on welfare and social housing while forgetting “the bill-payers, the mortgage-payers and the taxpayers”.

Hours before writing his article, Mr Casey told the Sunday Independent during a telephone interview that he was “swaying towards pulling out” of the presidential race due to the controversy over comments he made about Travellers on’s Floating Voter podcast.

Mr Casey said he was considering quitting the race because his mother would not like to see him elected as president of Ireland while being accused of bigotry towards Travellers.

“Everyone who knows me knows there’s not a racist bone in my body,” he added.

During the interview, Mr Casey branded Taoiseach Leo Varadkar a “hypocrite” for attacking him while promoting ministers to Cabinet who opposed Traveller accommodation and ethnicity.

He also said the Taoiseach’s suggestion that people should vote against Mr Casey was “unconstitutional”.

And he accused Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan of calling him an “American blow-in who knows nothing about Irish politics” when he was campaigning for a Seanad seat.

“Charlie and I have history that goes back – we just don’t like each other,” Mr Casey said. Many would sympathise with Peter Casey who know Charlie.

The minister’s spokesperson said Mr Flanagan never watched Dragons’ Den and only became aware of Mr Casey once the presidential election campaign began.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Independent can reveal at least four Cabinet ministers appointed by the Taoiseach have opposed the construction of Traveller accommodation in their constituencies.

In July, two of Mr Varadkar’s local Fine Gael councillors voted against Traveller accommodation being developed in Coolquay on the edge of the Taoiseach’s constituency in West Dublin.

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty, who criticised Mr Casey last week, publicly supported the campaign to block the development.

The project, which involved relocating Travelling families who lived near Dublin Airport to allow for the construction of a new runway, was overwhelmingly supported by Fingal County Council.

Fine Gael’s Ethine Loftus and Kieran Denison were among the four councillors out of 40 who voted against the halting site.

Minister Doherty also confirmed she supported local residents who had serious concerns about the proposed site and potential risks of flooding.

More than 600 people lodged complaints over the development proposed for Coolquay which has a population of about 100 residents. The project was eventually stalled following a High Court case taken on behalf of the community.

Ms Doherty said, excusing herself, that local residents would have no issue with the halting site if an environmental impact study showed the area was suitable for the Traveller accommodation and posed no flood risks.

The Taoiseach’s spokesman said he was “broadly supportive” of the Coolquay halting site as it would facilitate the expansion of Dublin Airport. However, he noted the “proposal for Traveller accommodation in a neighbouring constituency, not in the Taoiseach’s constituency of Dublin West”.

“In 15 years as a councillor and TD, the Taoiseach has never opposed Traveller accommodation in his own constituency,” he added.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan also opposed Traveller accommodation in his home town of Mountmellick, Co Laois, in the 1990s. Mr Flanagan’s spokesperson said he voted with Fine Gael councillors. The Minister was also a vocal critic of the Government’s decision to give special recognition to Traveller ethnicity. His father was well known as an outspoken critic of Ireland’s Jews!

Rural Affairs Minister Michael Ring has also successfully opposed the development of a halting site in his native Westport, Co Mayo, in the 1980s.

Arts Minister Josepha Madigan was criticised for publicly campaigning against the development of halting site in Mount Merrion in South County Dublin.

Yesterday, Mr Casey said: “Leo obviously has no problem appointing people to Cabinet who hold similar views to me.”

Now Peter Casey is considering the establishment of a new Centre Party as a vehicle to force all the changes he deems necessary in Irish politics and especially to take on the PC State.


President Higgins faces calls to ‘come clean’ on reasons for travelling to Belfast on Government plane

Michael D Higgins (Niall Carson/PA)1
Michael D Higgins (Niall Carson/PA)

President Michael D Higgins is facing calls to clarify his claim that he was forced to use the Government’s Learjet to travel to Belfast for “security reasons”.

During a televised presidential debate last Wednesday, Mr Higgins said he flew to Belfast while his car was driven to an airport in the city to pick him up due to security advice he received.

He subsequently told the Irish Independent on the campaign trail that the PSNI was not able to provide security for his trip to Belfast.

However, the BBC is tonight reporting comments from PSNI sources who dismissed the President’s public comment.

“It would be inconceivable that the President of Ireland would not have been afforded security if it had been requested,” a PSNI source told the BBC.

Another source told the BBC there is anger within the PSNI at the suggestion that it did not have sufficient resources to escort Mr Higgins from the border to Belfast.

Responding to the BBC story, the President’s spokesperson said for “logistical reasons and on security advice” the President flew by Government jet to Belfast in May to deliver the Harri Holkeri lecture.

“The President has made many visits to Northern Ireland by car and is grateful for the support received from the security services. It would not be appropriate to further comment on the detail of security arrangements,” he added.

The spokesman refused to say who provided the security advice.

In a statement issued tonight, Sinn Fein presidential candidate Liadh Ní Riada called on Mr Higgins to “come clean” on his reasons for travelling to Belfast on the Lear jet.

“He flew to Belfast in a Lear Jet, funded by the taxpayer, while his car was driven from Dublin to Belfast to pick him up at the airport,” she said.

“That claim has now been directly disputed by the PSNI. They reject this “security” claim who say it would be “inconceivable” that the President of Ireland would not have been afforded security if it had been requested.

“It is clear now that Michael D Higgins claim has caused considerable anger within the PSNI.

“Michael D. Higgins must make a public statement on this matter immediately. This is very serious. He must come clean.”

The hourly cost of flying the Learjet is estimated by the Department of Defence to be €3,780 per hour.

Records show that in the first three months of this year, Mr Higgins used the jet to travel to London, Belfast, Athens and Kerry.

The total flight time cost was close to €50,000 for these trips.


Excellent citizenship awards were presented to two local men last night in Kilkenny

– But where are the awards for people like Eugene McGuinness who bravely opposed the mosque.

It’s all gone political now, you have to be a safe establishment type – we hear that Derek will now go on to contest the Council elections next May and wish him every success.

We hear that John McGuinness is putting Derek forward so presume he will be a Fianna fail candidate.

Awards were handed out to local Text alert groups at a special ceremony in Cillín Hill last night.

Special prizes were presented to Derek Devoy of suicide prevention initiative Taxi Watch and South Kilkenny publican Willie Moloney who tackled raiders that targeted his pub in Skough near Piltown last year.

Both were given a ‘Commendation for Excellent Citizenship’ presented by Minister John Paul Phelan and Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael Finn.


George Hook: Case of Eric (9) is ‘truly terrible’ but he should be deported, it’s the law.                                                                 A reprieve was granted in this case today to allow an enquiry to be held.

  • George Hook describes case of a nine-year-old boy facing deportation as ‘truly a terrible situation’ – but says he ‘should be deported because that’s the law’
  • Mr Hook made comments on Twitter when Health Minister Simon Harris expressed solidarity with Eric Zhi Ying Xue
  •  Newstalk presenter said the government should not change the law based on popular opinions on Twitter
Newstalk presenter George Hook has doubled down on a controversial tweet about deportation case of Eric Zhi Ying Xue2
Newstalk presenter George Hook has doubled down on a controversial tweet about deportation case of Eric Zhi Ying Xue

George Hook has described the case of a nine-year-old boy facing deportation as “truly a terrible situation”, but says he “should be deported because that’s the law”.

The Newstalk presenter doubled down on a controversial tweet he posted last night and said he believes he has done nothing wrong.

Mr Hook posted the message online following a tweet Health Minister Simon Harris made yesterday, expressing his solidarity with Eric Zhi Ying Xue.

The minister has also made representations in an attempt to prevent his deportation.

In response, Mr Hook tweeted: “With trolly [sic] numbers at world record levels, Minister Simon Harris, is worried about a Chinese boy!!”

The rugby pundit’s comments immediately received backlash, with one user replying: “Jesus, George, that’s a disgraceful statement. This boy is Irish. He was born here and has never lived anywhere else.”

Irish-born: Eric is threatened with deportation to China22
Irish-born: Eric is threatened with deportation to China

Another person wrote: “It’s called “compassion”, George. People can care about more than one thing at once and about people other than themselves.”

When contacted by, Mr Hook stood his ground and said the government should not change the law based on popular opinions on Twitter.

He also heavily criticised Minister Harris, who he accused of deliberately trying to draw attention away from the trolley crisis.

“More than a decade ago, the Irish people said they didn’t want to give automatic citizenship to children born in this country,” Mr Hook said.

“Charlie Flanagan is in his office saying we’re going to deport this boy, but Harris, who is probably the worst minister for health in the history of the State, is saying we can’t.

“The only narrative in this is not out of concern for this Chinese boy, but to simply to deflect from the fact that he’s doing an appalling job.

“The question at the end of the day is, do we want a country with laws or a country run by Twitter?”

In 2004, a referendum was passed which meant that children born in Ireland to foreign national parents would no longer have a constitutional right to Irish citizenship.

“Everyone seems to think that this boy is Irish, but according to our laws, he’s not,” added Mr Hook.

“The reason why the government brought this law in was because pregnant women were flying into Ireland and having babies. This meant their children would become Irish citizens and their parents could stay here as well.”

When asked what he thinks should happen to Eric Zhi Ying Xue, Mr Hook replied: “He should be deported because that’s the law.

“It’s truly a terrible situation, but what will happen if a similar case comes up next week with another child? And what would the government do if a hundred or even a thousand children facing deportation asked to remain in this country?

“At what point do we want the law to change?”

The Newstalk veteran, who was suspended from the station last year following comments he made about a rape case, said he’s not concerned about a potential backlash from his radio station.

“If I’m not allowed to have an opinion about anything or if I appear to be in favour of a country without laws then I don’t think my job is worth having,” he said.

“Fine Gael have recognised that Twitter is running the country. Don’t forget that Varadkar, in his attempt to become leader of Fine Gael, seriously considered putting fake news stories out in order to get the job.

“When the Nazis took power, they gave everyone in Germany a free radio. They figured if we can get into the kitchen of every home in the country then we’re in business.

“So what Fine Gael are saying is that if we can get into everyone’s home through Twitter, we’re home free.”

Back in 2004 Fine Gael was the only opposition party in the Dáil to support a ‘Yes’ vote in the citizenship referendum.

Then-leader Enda Kenny had raised concern over the timing of the referendum on the same day as the local and European elections that year.

He warned that there was a probability that during an election campaign “inflammatory comments could be made about this sensitive situation”.

However, in coming to the decision to support the ‘Yes’ vote, reports at the time said Fine Gael got independent legal advice about the potential to abuse Irish citizenship law under the existing provisions in the constitution.

Mr Kenny said: “While the party has serious reservations about the way in which the government has brought forward this referendum, we are satisfied that a constitutional referendum is necessary to restore the power to legislate for citizenship to the Oireachtas.”

A spokesperson from Newstalk told that it would not be commenting on Mr Hook’s Tweet. contacted Simon Harris for comment.

Editor:  I remember the time in the early 21st century when we had foreign people jetting into Dublin to have their babies in the Rotunda maternity hospital in the centre of Dublin.
The situation became so crazy that the nurses of the Rotunda, run off their feet to deal with this foreign influx, actually appealed to the government of the day to stop it.

That’s how the citizenship referendum of 2004 came about where four fifths of the Irish people voted to keep them out.

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