“One Arm Longer Than the Other”

The way things are transpiring Eugene McGuinness will be the only member of the illustrious McGuinness political family left here in Kilkenny to serve us on the Council next year.

That’s all the more reason to elect him in the upcoming Council elections in May.

John will succeed in getting himself elected to the European Parliament while his son Councillor Andrew will leave the Council to replace him in the Dail, all going well. That’s the game plan and certainly we will be voting for John for Europe next May.

That would leave a void on the Council for a lot of people across the city and especially in St. John’s parish.  Eugene is the only one left to represent us in this scenario. He is well experienced and steeped in local politics from the days when he worked for his famous father’s election campaigns, learning from that legend Mick McGuinness who was seven times Mayor of Kilkenny city.

We have discovered here on The Kilkenny Journal that Eugene is an unusually good writer too.  His father always had a great turn of phrase. I remember Mick at a Corporation meeting one night referring to another councillor opposing him as “having one arm longer than the other” in a bitter exchange between the two.

Mick confided to me after the meeting that it was a diplomatic way of calling the man a beggar as he was the type who was always looking out for himself and what he could get. Eugene told the Kilkenny Journal that his father was delighted with John in the Dail and wanted him Eugene to succeed him on the Council.25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)

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