THE CLOCK PUT BACK FOR SINN FEIN. Photos: Two Kilkenny film stars.

Sinn Fein only scored a pathetic 2,419 votes in the whole of the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency despite having a good candidate. Malcolm Noonan scored that on his own, for instance, in the 2016 general election.
Indeed this horrific Sinn Fein vote must represent a glimmer of hope to Malcolm and the other minnows in the Kilkenny Dail elections.
Fine Gael’s Pat O’Neill would destroy Kathleen Funchion at this rate, even Carlow FF senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor would have a great chance now of grabbing the third seat for Fianna Fail. The three seats are on the cards now for either party with this Shinner collapse here.
That’s the end of the Shinners here and across the country where they scored little more than 6%. Varadkar, if he had any cop on, should call a snap election now with the Shinners on the floor.
Sinn Fein no longer fools the electorate that they are a nationalist or patriotic party anymore. There’s nothing Irish about their policies, they’re all internationalist Trotskyist supporting mass immigration, anything and anyone bar the Irish.
So this massive rejection of Sinn Fein right across the country is overdue, if anything. On this showing they will lose their remaining two council seats on Kilkenny County Council next May. In fact they will be routed, in for a proper hiding.
Eugene McGuinness will sweep up the former nationalist Sinn Fein support right across St. John’s parish where Sinn Fein supports the mosque.
Paddy Manning would eat the Shinners out of it if he goes forward in North Kilkenny and could well be elected this time out.
Councillor Melissa O’Neill, who has a great project in women’s health going, should be re-elected as an Independent this time with an unknown Shinner candidate called Doyle slated by them to run against her, mostly out of spite.

The clock has well and truly been put back for Sinn Fein this eventful Samhain weekend.

PHOTOS: Two Kilkenny film stars, Cllr. Melissa O’Neill INDEPENDENT .  & Deputy Kathleen Funchion, SINN FEIN.````melissaKathleen-Funchion-by-election

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