The voters of the Kilkenny end of the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency showed more discernment with their votes as they balloted more for Peter Casey and the other candidates than they did for President Higgins.

Kilkenny, a capital of the arts and culture,  has always taken claims of being a poet from Higgins as a bit grandiose, whereas Carlow and large parts of Ireland including Dublin have swallowed it all wholesale.

The Irish need to stop inventing “intellectuals” now that all our genuine intellectuals are truly dead and gone. Fancy accents don’t an intellectual make, nor a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.  Higgins may be the popular man of the masses and the Establishment but he’s no intellectual – name the sociologist that is!

Nor is President Higgins a humanitarian – anybody who cherishes the memory of Fidel Castro can never lay claim to that.

But Higgins is elected again and that’s all that matters to the powers-that-be and the media who all supported his campaign without question.   But it was no sweeping victory with the poll the lowest ever in Irish political history as a couple of million voters stayed away after all the corruption levelled during the campaign.

Michael D receives 52% of votes in Carlow-Kilkenny


Sean Keane

Michael D receives 56% of votes in Carlow-KilkennySweeping victory

Counting at Cillin Hill, Kilkenny in the presidential election

Michael D Higgins has received 52% of the first preference in the presidential election for the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency.

His nearest challenger was Peter Casey on 23.1%. The rest of the candidates polled very poorly and will not have their election expenses repaid.

Full Result

Count 1
CASEY PETER, IND – 13,929 or 23.1%

DUFFY GAVIN, IND – 1,265 or 2.2%

FREEMAN JOAN, IND – 2,636 or 5.9%

GALLAGHER SEÁN, IND – 3,506 or 6.5%

HIGGINS MICHAEL D IND – 25,717 or 52%

LIADH NI RIADA 2,419 or 6.3%



SF Councillors to lose their seats in May!

Kathleen-Funchion-by-electionThe results were a shock for Sinn Fein all over the country, they were horrific in Carlow-Kilkenny with less than 2,500 votes in the entire constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny for the Sinn Fein candidate. This is desperate, local TD Kathleen Funchion must surely be shaken and horrified. That’s the Sinn Fein  seat gone in the next general election here – they even drop their Council seats next May on that going too.

And it’s no harm at all as Sinn Fein has steadily betrayed Ireland over the past twenty years. They have backed the South African regime where white farmers are murdered every week! Gerry Adams thought he was the Nelson Mandela of Ireland.

They have encouraged all the mass immigration forced on the Irish people. In this campaign itself they backed travellers rights as more important than the housing concerns of the ordinary settle people.  The Kilkenny Journal is known to support the Irish Travellers, but not at a cost to the settled community.  Sinn Fein enforces PC as they betray Ireland up North and over in Brussels too.

While on the local level their TD Kathleen Funchion has bluntly been no good, unable or unwilling to do any work at all for her long-suffering constituents.

So nobody need wonder why Sinn Fein is on the rocks all across this country today. They have wasted our time, the people have spoken, let them be gone.

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