There are six candidates in the running for president of Ireland. Five of them have repeatedly claimed that travellers are marginalised and victims of discrimination…. That they deserve our respect and support and proportionally, the 26% more per capita spent on every one of them versus all others in receipt of social welfare.

This claim is supported by the Taoiseach, Minister Flanagan and many other politicians along with the media, particularly RTE.

There is absolutely no reference to the people of rural Ireland who have been murdered in their homes during robberies, beaten and robbed in their farms and houses and even when the perpetrators are caught they get a slap on the wrist…. Because they are victims????

How many people in remote homes sleep at night when they know that travellers are in their area? How many shops and pubs have been closed because they were targeted by large groups during funerals or weddings? How many elderly people have been targeted to have gutters “fixed” or sheds “painted” and had their life savings siphoned out of them?

How many people do you know of on the dole that can spend in excess of forty thousand on a new car regularly not to mention regularly spending thirty thousand and upwards on weddings and in many cases on holy communions? They even do so on RTE and Tv3/Virgin documentaries yet they go unchallenged.

The five candidates and Leo and his ministers do not get it because they live in a bubble but Peter Casey has hit the nail on the head and people need to stand up and make a point with their votes next week. He may not get in but at least the cosy PC brigade might get the message that we are sick of their apologies for criminal behaviour and take note of rural Ireland.


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