On 25th September 2015 Irish President Michael D Higgins flew the North Atlantic in the government’s Lear jet to visit George Soros at his mansion in Westchester County, New York State.

The purpose of this Higgins’ visit to the Billionaire set on world domination has never been disclosed , but in fact kept secret by Higgins, Soros, the government and the Irish media.

Was it to borrow money from Soros or was it that Higgins shares  the Soros mission for world domination by the globalists, as seems likely from Higgins’ politics, interests and speeches where the Irish president emerges as a Trotskyist in effect.

This visit is kept under such wraps by RTE and the MSM in Ireland that we’ll never know.  Perhaps one of those State secrets you hear about?

Higgins also used the Lear jet for four flights in the first three months of this year, including pleasure flights to Greece, London and Kerry.higgins and soros

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