Start the campaign with a big fat lie of an opinion poll and keep that up regardless – that’s what the papers are doing with the presidential election for Higgins, just what they did in the gay marriage and the abortion referenda.

All the gullible fools will then follow the lie , they will not risk being left with the loser. This is the Big Lie being perpetrated now on the Irish people by the newspapers while they’re laughing at you behind their sleeves all the time.

But the big lie of the polls lies brutally exposed tonight. Higgins didn’t get a massive majority in a normal election –  he  was reduced to 52% in the worst poll in any Irish election since Independence in 1922 as a bare 43% of the electorate turned out while the rest voted with their feet by walking away.

Don’t ever be fooled by these newspaper polls again!Caseycandidates

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