The MSM (mainstream media) in Ireland is now proven, having  the forced withdrawal of Peter Casey from the presidential election, to have degenerated into a smear terror machine. It’s the Murder Machine that Pearse spoke of, it murders the reputations of decent people who refuse to follow its liberal leftist dictation. Children are taught this new globalism along with the climate hoax from kindergarten, trained to sup this media soup that befouls any clear thinking.

This media monster  threatens politics constantly striking them into obedient silence.  It’s run by the likes of Denis O’Brien and controlled by the faceless London-based Trotskyist NUJ.

And today over a hundred years later it’s even a worse slave driver of a media in Dublin than the one that condemned Pearse and his gallant band after their sacrifice in 1916.

This monster enforces a trotskyist conceived political correctness on our political system.  This was all conceived and set up by the Jewish Trotskyist Frankfurt School of philosophers , Markuse and his ilk, who contributed nothing to society but a nasty media control setup that dominates our political life today and enslaves us all.

Those journalist slaves who work that machine will never be remembered as decent writers, not even as free persons, for they are locked into the machine by the power of the NUJ closed shop that denies all free will.

Those journalists are even more pathetic slaves than the politicians and the civil service that the machine keeps in line while Ireland is sold out and the Nation overcome and dispersed, replaced with blacks from Africa and browns people from Asia.

There’s a million immigrants in already and another million scheduled by 2040 in the demonic government plan to destroy the white Irish Nation by miscegenation on a horrific scale.

Ireland is no longer to be Irish, White or Free as the Open Society of George Soros, the devil incarnate, is forced upon us and the country destroyed. Thus men who speak their minds like Peter Casey does have to be terrorised by the smear machine and forced out, as happened today.

It’s a sad day for Ireland, and it’s the fault of the Irish people for allowing the work of destruction to proceed so far.

The Irish people march into oblivion fooled by slogans of equality.

PICTURED: Irish president Michael D. Higgins pays homage to Billionaire banker Soroshiggins and soros

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