Peter Casey suspends campaign for presidency following controversial Traveller comments

Media scrum: Presidential candidate Peter Casey visiting the houses at Cabragh Bridge in Thurles, Co Tipperary. Photo: Mark Condren1
Media scrum: Presidential candidate Peter Casey visiting the houses at Cabragh Bridge in Thurles, Co Tipperary. Photo: Mark Condren

Casey would still be voted upon, even if he withdraws.  And if he doesn’t campaign that vote could be a lot smaller and therefore more embarrassing than if he remained active in the race.

Peter is a complex character. he supports mass immigration into Ireland but objects to Irish travellers who have been here for centuries. He has nothing to say about immigrants getting Council houses, but everything to say about Travellers – in fact too much to say about them where we are concerned.

That issue of the travellers was solved years ago and the Thurles situation will solve itself too with the cooperation of all involved.

Travellers are not the problem some make them out to be. It isn’t Traveller gangs  who are attacking the residents of Dublin 15. Thus Peter has been leading the presidential election in a false direction – he should have attacked the mass immigration being forced on Ireland that Higgins and his pal George Soros support.


The businessman has issued a statement this morning in which he says he is “taking the weekend off from the campaign to think carefully about whether to continue in the race”.

The millionaire added that they don’t pay their fair share of taxes in society.

Having doubled down on his comment in recent days, he now says: “I do not want the people of Ireland to elect me as President of Ireland just based on one statement I made.

“I want to be of service, and make a real difference. I have the expertise and ability to be an influencer. I want to connect people, at home and abroad.

“I know that my world experience and global views will make me a uniquely suitable candidate for President of Ireland – with drive, ability and energy.”

Speaking on RTÉ’s News At One, Mr Casey said if he had known his election campaign was “going to come this way I wouldn’t have run”.

He said his platform was supposed to focus on rural Ireland and immigration.

Mr Casey denied his comments about Travellers were part of a cynical stunt

And he said that if he does pull out of the race “Joan [Freeman] would be my preferred choice”.

“It’s not right that people – you’ve politicians accusing me of being a racist it’s just wrong,” he said.

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