EUGENE McGUINNESS is the candidate for decent patriotic Irish people in Kilkenny city.  But such candidates will be needed in every Kilkenny electoral area to contest as many seats as possible on kilkenny County Council next May.

In a shameful move a couple of months ago the CEO of Kilkenny County Council had every councillor sign some sort of a peculiar declaration that she sent around the council table, condemning The Kilkenny Journal to perdition.

That’s because we had exposed the corrupt purchase of the Brogue Maker inn behind the backs of the councillors themselves – what a bunch of weaklings they proved to be!
We exposed the Council proposal to open a type of a small Dail bar & Restaurant for themselves and their Golden circle  in Butler House.

Then we exposed her appointment of her neighbour below in Annestown, Tramore, as Director of the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny.

To top that we campaigned against the swingeing rates increases that drove so many fine Kilkenny city businesses to forced closure.

We struck a thunderbolt of a blow against the same Council when we exposed their attempt to sneak in planning permission for a mosque in a traffic -ridden quarter of the city without a whisper – the councillors were once more taken aback as the whole city exploded!  Council hirelings Nicholaas Lowe, a white South African, and Denix Malone, planning officers, have since undemocratically allowed the mosque application.

Now we need good people from North, South and Mid Kilkenny county to go forward and press the advantage home , complete the campaigns we started, by going for election to the County Council next May.

The present crop of North Kilkenny councillors failed even to draw attention to the handover of five new council houses  to Incomers  over local housing applicants out of a total of eight at Togher way, Urlingford.  Likewise houses are given away to Africans on the dole in Kilkenny city.

We need a good councillor keeping an eye out in North Kilkenny to shout the alarm and prevent a recurrence of such a shameful handover , especially now with 16 more houses going into Togher Way.

The same fate is to befall the befall Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh, Callan and many places in the new Mid county electoral area that will elect six councillors to the Council next year – if there isn’t a new independent councillor elected as a watchdog to warn the people of such anti-national behaviour by Sinn Fein, FF & FG, all sold out to the EU.

As for South Kilkenny, houses have been handed over to Incomers in Ferrybank and Piltown without as much as a cough from any local councillor. That  traditional republican area of Kilkenny is now well sold out to the traitorous crew as well and badly needs a new watchdog elected to serve the local people’s interests.

County towns such as Freshford,  Tullaroan, Ballyragget, Gowran, Goresbridge, Ballyhale, Paulstown, Inistioge,  Mullinavat, Lukeswell, Knocktopher, Mooncoin, Stoneyford  and the Rosbercon area are all targeted by the Council to house Incomers rather than locals on the housing lists for years and that’s downright unfair.

All applicants for Council housing , whether local or newcomer , should have to start at the bottom of the ladder in complete equality of order and treatment regards housing and everything else.

This is why new candidates are so badly needed to take on the corrupt old parties right across kilkenny in next May’s local elections. 25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)

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