All six presidential candidates will take part in a televised debate on Wednesday after Michael D Higgins and Sean Gallagher sat out of last night’s debate with Claire Byrne on RTE.

It seems generally agreed on Twitter today that Gavin Duffy emerged the best out of last night’s confrontation with Liadh ni Riada of Sinn Fein finally emerging out of the traps as well. Joan Freeman was very good too, and Peter Casey received applause from the audience as well.

Sean Gallagher congratulates Micahel D Higgins on his election in 2011.

Pat Kenny will host the broadcast on Virgin Media One where the President and Gallagher, who is second in the polls, will be joined by Peter Casey, Gavin Duffy, Senator Joan Freeman and MEP Liadh Ní Riada.

According to Virgin Media, the candidates will field questions from Kenny as well as members of the live studio audience.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s debate, Pat Kenny said:

It’s very exciting to be hosting the first TV debate with all candidates in front of our audience. It’s a great opportunity for viewers to see them all in action and for them to put forward their vision for their presidency and convince us why they are the best candidate. Polls are just polls and nothing is a given until the votes are cast.

Kenny hosted the infamous Frontline debate ahead of the 2011 debate where a tweet that came from a ‘fake’ account was blamed for derailing Gallagher’s hopes of winning the election.

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