A unit of the new political party , IDENTITY IRELAND, campaigned against the mosque with a stand outside Dunnes Stores in Kieran Street on Saturday morning, led by Peter O’Loughlin, a former candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by election some years ago.

They then went canvassing door-to-door through some local housing estates and reported that they were very well received by everybody they approached and canvassed.

IDENTITY IRELAND is the only new party registered officially by the State so far, although there are now two bigger new parties on the right in the country – the National Party led by Justin Barrett and the IREXIT PARTY led by Hermann Kelly.

IDENTITY IRELAND however has more active European links than any of the other parties. And it’s also the only party that opposes the spread of Islam in Ireland and throughout Europe.  Peter 0’Loughlin has spoken at big political rallies in Germany, for instance.

The party says they will carry out more actions in Kilkenny against the mosque.  They have a presence on Facebook  and you can find them there under their own title IDENTITY IRELAND where they have photos of their campaign in the city on Saturday.

They have members and a branch forming in Kilkenny city and county.  The party will contest the European elections here next May.Mosque

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