Murdered mother’s remains exhumed at County Kilkenny graveyard.

Breaking: Murdered mother's remains exhumed from Kilkenny graveyard

The exhumation of murdered mother Marie Tierney at Conahy graveyard

The remains of a mother-of-two who was brutally murdered over thirty years ago are being exhumed from a graveyard in Co Kilkenny this morning as detectives gather the final pieces of evidence in their investigation.

The graveside exhumation of the remains of the murdered mother-of-two Marie Tierney is currently taking place at Conahy graveyard.

Gardaí began work at 6am and Ms Tierney’s remains are expected to be brought to the National Laboratory in Dublin where a post mortem is expected to take place.

Advanced scientific developments will allow officers gather together evidence that will be crucial to prosecuting the killer.

New witnesses have also come forward during the cold case investigation, which started last December.

The exhumation of bodies involves a complex application process, and is only allowed in the rarest of circumstances.

Investigating gardaí had to apply to Kilkenny County Council for a licence for the process  and a Ministerial Order was also required and granted by the Department of Justice.

The law requires that the exhumation be carried out “with due care and decency, and in such a manner as not to endanger public health”.

An environmental protection officer from the local council must be present to supervise the process. A special coffin, lined with zinc, known as a “shell” is then used to transport the remains. A forensic anthropologist, a state pathologist, gardaí from the Technical Bureau and a forensic scientist from Forensic Ireland Limited all attended the exhumation.

The exhumed body must then be reburied or cremated within 48 hours.

As part of the investigation over 300 lines of enquiry have been examined and 200 people have been interviewed. House-to-house enquires have taken place in a number of areas including the Bleach Road, Conahy, the Ballyragget Road, Lovers Lane and Old Newpark and Newpark.

Inspector Liam Connolly is heading the investigation and is  continuing to liaise with the Tierney and Bourke families.

Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes has outlined how every necessary resource has been deployed in the investigation.

“It is incumbent on us that we put a huge effort into solving this murder for Marie’s family. I have no doubt that we will have a successful outcome,” he said.

Marie Tierney was reported missing by her husband Jim on October 22, 1984. He told gardaí that she left her home at Clinstown, Jenkinstown at approximately 10.30pm on October 21, 1984 in the family car, a Renault 18. The car was located at Newpark Fen the following day.

On December 21, 1984 her body was located in a ditch by a male out walking on the Bleach Road on the outskirts of Kilkenny City. She had been violently strangled.

Marie’s siblings, Breda Fay and John Bourke have pleaded with her murderer ‘to do the right thing’ and ‘hand yourself in’.

“We strongly believe that her murderer is alive. You know who you are and we are asking you to please come forward.“Hand yourself in for the sake of her children, her grandchildren and all her family. We need justice for Marie,” they said.

Anyone with information can contact Kilkenny Garda station on (056) 7775000 or the Garda Confidential Line, tel 1800-666111.

“One Arm Longer Than the Other”

The way things are transpiring Eugene McGuinness will be the only member of the illustrious McGuinness political family left here in Kilkenny to serve us on the Council next year.

That’s all the more reason to elect him in the upcoming Council elections in May.

John will succeed in getting himself elected to the European Parliament while his son Councillor Andrew will leave the Council to replace him in the Dail, all going well. That’s the game plan and certainly we will be voting for John for Europe next May.

That would leave a void on the Council for a lot of people across the city and especially in St. John’s parish.  Eugene is the only one left to represent us in this scenario. He is well experienced and steeped in local politics from the days when he worked for his famous father’s election campaigns, learning from that legend Mick McGuinness who was seven times Mayor of Kilkenny city.

We have discovered here on The Kilkenny Journal that Eugene is an unusually good writer too.  His father always had a great turn of phrase. I remember Mick at a Corporation meeting one night referring to another councillor opposing him as “having one arm longer than the other” in a bitter exchange between the two.

Mick confided to me after the meeting that it was a diplomatic way of calling the man a beggar as he was the type who was always looking out for himself and what he could get. Eugene told the Kilkenny Journal that his father was delighted with John in the Dail and wanted him Eugene to succeed him on the Council.25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)

THE CLOCK PUT BACK FOR SINN FEIN. Photos: Two Kilkenny film stars.

Sinn Fein only scored a pathetic 2,419 votes in the whole of the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency despite having a good candidate. Malcolm Noonan scored that on his own, for instance, in the 2016 general election.
Indeed this horrific Sinn Fein vote must represent a glimmer of hope to Malcolm and the other minnows in the Kilkenny Dail elections.
Fine Gael’s Pat O’Neill would destroy Kathleen Funchion at this rate, even Carlow FF senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor would have a great chance now of grabbing the third seat for Fianna Fail. The three seats are on the cards now for either party with this Shinner collapse here.
That’s the end of the Shinners here and across the country where they scored little more than 6%. Varadkar, if he had any cop on, should call a snap election now with the Shinners on the floor.
Sinn Fein no longer fools the electorate that they are a nationalist or patriotic party anymore. There’s nothing Irish about their policies, they’re all internationalist Trotskyist supporting mass immigration, anything and anyone bar the Irish.
So this massive rejection of Sinn Fein right across the country is overdue, if anything. On this showing they will lose their remaining two council seats on Kilkenny County Council next May. In fact they will be routed, in for a proper hiding.
Eugene McGuinness will sweep up the former nationalist Sinn Fein support right across St. John’s parish where Sinn Fein supports the mosque.
Paddy Manning would eat the Shinners out of it if he goes forward in North Kilkenny and could well be elected this time out.
Councillor Melissa O’Neill, who has a great project in women’s health going, should be re-elected as an Independent this time with an unknown Shinner candidate called Doyle slated by them to run against her, mostly out of spite.

The clock has well and truly been put back for Sinn Fein this eventful Samhain weekend.

PHOTOS: Two Kilkenny film stars, Cllr. Melissa O’Neill INDEPENDENT .  & Deputy Kathleen Funchion, SINN FEIN.````melissaKathleen-Funchion-by-election


John McGuinness, who is Chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Taiwan Association, naturally supports the beautiful island Republic and its lovely people.

Thus he was aghast to receive a letter from the Ceann Comhairle of the Dail last week requesting him to cease supporting Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa and governed peacefully and democratically  by the remnants of Chinese nationalists.

In fact Taiwan is a great deal more democratic than communist China!

Basically China has threatened to break off ties and trade with any countries who support Taiwan.

John has angrily retorted that he won’t obey the Ceann Comhairle’s letter as he gets ready to lead the annual visit to Taiwan of his association to discuss areas of mutual cooperation and development.

John is well known to encourage all such international contacts and he won’t stop his good work now, no matter what mainland China may think.

Hopefully China won’t launch their threatened invasion of the idyllic island state while John is there!


There are three new political parties of a nationalist hue established recently,: IDENTITY IRELAND that is already a registered political party, THE NATIONAL PARTY that’s getting a lot of new members and the largest of them, the IREXIT FREEDOM PARTY.

And now we have Peter Casey deciding to form a new type of centre party designed to succeed Fine gael and Fianna fail in future years.

Next May’s local and European elections would be a great opportunity to launch these new parties with candidates across the nation and see how it goes in the run-up to the all-important general election due shortly afterwards.

We certainly do live in exciting times!CaseyGavinDuffyGEMMA25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)````melissaPeter


The voters of the Kilkenny end of the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency showed more discernment with their votes as they balloted more for Peter Casey and the other candidates than they did for President Higgins.

Kilkenny, a capital of the arts and culture,  has always taken claims of being a poet from Higgins as a bit grandiose, whereas Carlow and large parts of Ireland including Dublin have swallowed it all wholesale.

The Irish need to stop inventing “intellectuals” now that all our genuine intellectuals are truly dead and gone. Fancy accents don’t an intellectual make, nor a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.  Higgins may be the popular man of the masses and the Establishment but he’s no intellectual – name the sociologist that is!

Nor is President Higgins a humanitarian – anybody who cherishes the memory of Fidel Castro can never lay claim to that.

But Higgins is elected again and that’s all that matters to the powers-that-be and the media who all supported his campaign without question.   But it was no sweeping victory with the poll the lowest ever in Irish political history as a couple of million voters stayed away after all the corruption levelled during the campaign.

Michael D receives 52% of votes in Carlow-Kilkenny


Sean Keane

Michael D receives 56% of votes in Carlow-KilkennySweeping victory

Counting at Cillin Hill, Kilkenny in the presidential election

Michael D Higgins has received 52% of the first preference in the presidential election for the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency.

His nearest challenger was Peter Casey on 23.1%. The rest of the candidates polled very poorly and will not have their election expenses repaid.

Full Result

Count 1
CASEY PETER, IND – 13,929 or 23.1%

DUFFY GAVIN, IND – 1,265 or 2.2%

FREEMAN JOAN, IND – 2,636 or 5.9%

GALLAGHER SEÁN, IND – 3,506 or 6.5%

HIGGINS MICHAEL D IND – 25,717 or 52%

LIADH NI RIADA 2,419 or 6.3%



SF Councillors to lose their seats in May!

Kathleen-Funchion-by-electionThe results were a shock for Sinn Fein all over the country, they were horrific in Carlow-Kilkenny with less than 2,500 votes in the entire constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny for the Sinn Fein candidate. This is desperate, local TD Kathleen Funchion must surely be shaken and horrified. That’s the Sinn Fein  seat gone in the next general election here – they even drop their Council seats next May on that going too.

And it’s no harm at all as Sinn Fein has steadily betrayed Ireland over the past twenty years. They have backed the South African regime where white farmers are murdered every week! Gerry Adams thought he was the Nelson Mandela of Ireland.

They have encouraged all the mass immigration forced on the Irish people. In this campaign itself they backed travellers rights as more important than the housing concerns of the ordinary settle people.  The Kilkenny Journal is known to support the Irish Travellers, but not at a cost to the settled community.  Sinn Fein enforces PC as they betray Ireland up North and over in Brussels too.

While on the local level their TD Kathleen Funchion has bluntly been no good, unable or unwilling to do any work at all for her long-suffering constituents.

So nobody need wonder why Sinn Fein is on the rocks all across this country today. They have wasted our time, the people have spoken, let them be gone.


FORTY PER CENT BOXES FOR CASEY IN KILKENNY CITY! Peter Casey is stunning everybody at the Carlow-Kilkenny count with boxes of votes from urban Kilkenny city up to 40% voting in his favour. AND these Casey boxes are coming from anti-mosque areas too!
This Casey vote in Kilkenny is AMAZING as he’s from far away from Kilkenny & nobody knows him here. As far as I know he wasn’t even here during the election, in fact I suspect that Peter Casey has never been in Kilkenny. He has no presence here whatsoever, was a complete unknown


Turnout on islands for presidential election and referendum has been low

Three of 63 registered voters in Inishboffin off Donegal had voted by time polling station closed

Marian Roarty, presiding officer, and Garda Eamonn McGinley after arriving by helicopter on Tory Island, off   Donegal, with a ballot box. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Marian Roarty, presiding officer, and Garda Eamonn McGinley after arriving by helicopter on Tory Island, off Donegal, with a ballot box. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Turnout has been low and slow during the day on 12 west coast islands where voting in the presidential election and blasphemy referendum has been taking place.

Polling station staff on Mayo’s Clare island reported a 30 per cent turnout by late afternoon, while four Galway islands reflected a similar pattern in the early part of the day.

It looks like most voters stayed away in disgust at President Michael D. Higgins who led an extravagant presidency over seven years trousering a a couple of millions for himself out of the 55 millions that his presidency cost the taxpayer in total.

People all across Ireland are dismayed at the profligate spending of our supposed socialist president who has been found out not to practice what he preached but rather to amass wealth to himself living in an incredible state of luxury at the people’s expense.

Not even the Queen of England spent so much on her poodle as Higgins has on his dogs. His jetset lifestyle in the government Learjet was another huge disappointment for his erstwhile followers.  He has a wardrobe of suits costing 4000 each, charvet shirts and ties like the late Charles J Haughey, while he also pursued a second career as a landlord of a house he bought cheap in Galway during the recession and while he was president.

It’s no wonder these islanders, usually great voters, have stayed away from Ireland’s presidential polls in sheer disgust as the stench arises from Aras An Uachtarain. And even if Higgins survives his halo has list its sheen and is in fact severely dented.

Polls open on mainland Ireland in a few hours time at 7.00 AM in the morning when it is hoped that turnout might be better. Win or lose President Michael D Higgins – and the entire Establishment that has backed him  of all media and all parties outside of Sinn Fein – will be severely questioned by an electorate demanding more honesty in Ireland’s public affairs.

Higgins is damaged goods whatever happens today.

President Michael D. Higgins pictured on a secret visit to George Soros at the Soros mansion in Westchester, New York State, on 25th September 2015.higgins and soros


Manchester United are the top-six’s most vulnerable – Everton can make a big statement at Old Trafford

Everton legend Kevin Ratcliffe has his say on the big talking points at Goodison Park this week.


Marco Silva and Jose Mourinho, look on during the EFL Cup Semi-Final First Leg match between Manchester United and Hull City (Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

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I really enjoyed what Marco Silva was trying to do in the second half against Crystal Palace on Sunday.

I’ve seen Everton in positions like that before and watched them shut up shop, so I found it great that he tried to affect the game through his substitutions.

The subs who came on were positive ones and the crowd really reacted to that, too.

He brought on Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Cenk Tosun and Ademola Lookman and they all played a huge part in the win.

I’ve not seen Everton be as really proactive as that for a while.

It put Palace on the back foot and it was quite nice to see positive substitutions and watch Everton go for the victory.


Everton 2-0 Crystal Palace

  • As it happened
  • André Gomes reacts during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park on October 21, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
    Everton player ratings
  • André Gomes in action during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park on October 21, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
    Andre Gomes assessed
  • Verdict
  • Unexpected hero
  • Silva on Gomes
  • Post-Game podcast

They don’t always work admittedly and it will be key to not criticise when Silva does try to change it like that and it doesn’t work, but the ones he made on Sunday were spot on.

Teams get into a habit of winning and Everton are starting learn that now under Silva with three successive Premier League victories.

Hopefully that continues this weekend against Manchester United, but if there is ever a good time to play a United side then it is now.

They are a little bit unsettled and if you look at some of the teams who have taken points off them this season – especially at Old Trafford – it bodes well.

Roy Hodgson and Marco Silva looks on during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park on October 21, 2018
Roy Hodgson and Marco Silva looks on during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park on October 21, 2018 (Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images)

There doesn’t seem to be much happiness around United now and the manager and the players have been coming in for plenty of criticism.

That always comes with a big club, but you have to be able to take the rough with the smooth, and they aren’t taking the rough too good now.

If you look at the teams above us, you’d make an argument that Everton are as good as some of them – if not better – and you would like to think the Blues can claw their way above them.

Then you look at United and think they are maybe the most vulnerable of the teams who finished in the top six last season and Everton have to try and get one of those teams out of the way to take a place in there.

Theo Walcott on Manchester United visit


Everton now to have to just maintain the consistency they have shown of late to capitalise on any team in the top six who perhaps suffer a bit of a dip in form.

Silva is still finding out about his players and vice versa and in time, judgement on this Everton team may be in a year or so, but in the meantime, we are definitely seeing an improvement – and that’s great to see.

There looks now at Goodison Park that there’s a real them ethos and togetherness with everyone involved, whereas before, that hasn’t always been the case.

Consistency now key for Gomes

Andre Gomes on the ball during the Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park
Andre Gomes on the ball during the Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park (Image: Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images)

Andre Gomes did well against Palace on Sunday on his first Premier League start – but he’s now got to do it again and again at Goodison Park.

The Premier League is probably very different to what he has been used to in Spain with Valencia and Barcelona and there’s a consistency that Everton have to get out of him.

It was a very promising debut but the task now is to produce that form for the next six months and that’s what he has to do.

He certainly adds something different to Everton’s midfield and that can only be a good thing.

He brings composure on the ball and it was good to see him want the ball under pressure.

He looks like he can spot a pass, he tracks back and he seems to have all the things you want in a midfield player.

I’ve said it many times that once you set a standard you have to stay at that level and if you fall below it, you only have yourself to look at as you’ve already delivered and shown what you can do.

I think Everton will be a better team if he can keep producing the form like he did at the weekend.

Neville comments a bit strange

(left to right) Everton’s losing finalists Joleon Lescott, Phil Neville, Jose Baxter and Jack Rodwell stand dejected as the Chelsea players collect the 2009 FA Cup

I found Phil Neville’s comments over Chelsea coach Marco Ianni a bit strange.

Being the manager of the England women’s national side, it was a bit odd to hear him asking for another staff member to be sacked after the Chelsea coach’s touchline bust-up with Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

Neville was asking for Ianni to be axed from his job and I thought that was a bit naughty for someone in his position. know how hard it is to get jobs in the game – as Phil will too – and he’s asking for someone to be sacked!

You have to remember you are not a pundit anymore, you can’t say that.

Pundits, OK, maybe they can say things like that, but not a manager, especially one who is in charge of an English national team.

He said it, I totally disagree with him and I believe that’s not the first time he’s said something like that, either.

I thought the comments were a little bit wrong.


This proves that they are men of no principle, they’ll vote whatever way it takes to survive. A few months ago they were all against abortion – Bobby even led a rebellion amongst FIanna Fail TDs and senators against abortion – Yesterday he did a disgraceful U-Turn.

John Paul made it as a special feature of his own personality that he was pro-life. Yet he too did a U-Turn and voted for the extreme pro-abortion legislation for all to see in the Dail yesterday.

The same lads want us to vote for Higgins again on Friday, they’re acting like the Blind leading the Blind.  They don’t care, they haven’t a single principle left in their lives, they stand for nothing. John McGuinness won’t even stand up for his own friends and neighbours against the Mosque.  He voted for abortion too though he’s years telling us that he’s pro-life.

You simply can’t believe anything from any of them anymore, that is the impasse that we are presented with.

They are why I’ll be voting for Peter Casey on Friday.Casey

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