The lovely parish of St. Johns, known from  time immemorial as “The Continent” because it lies across the river Nore from the city centre of Kilkenny, is now destined to degenerate into a ghetto.

The main street there, John Street, is destined to become a bazaar, a Kasbah, as thousands move into the Marble City from all over with the new Mosque being built over there.

Thousands of the local residents are in total despair since Kilkenny County Council planners gave permission for the mosque on Thursday last. The value of their homes has dropped on the markets, nobody wants to live over there since the dreaded announcement that was greeted with horror – but also with serious threats against the mosque and the Council recorded on Facebook and  Twitter mostly.

People don’t want this invasion of orientals and their temples that are being forced on horrified Irish locals. Christian immigrants don’t want this either and in fact Eastern Europeans here are vocal against it too. And you can’t blame them because this is the worst invasion in Irish history by a very different and inimical culture.

The Vikings and the Normans, even the English, were much the same as us. There was little objection to them when they first came. All that was feared were their armies that generally the small Irish population wasn’t able for.  This is very different today.  Local Irish say that they are well able to resist this modern invasion and are only disappointed that Irish politicians and government have let them down. There will be serious violence according to what we hear, see and read, it’s only a matter of time until the mosque starts to go up.

And this is developing into serious citizen resistance on a national scale, not just in Kilkenny. However the Irish Civil War commenced in May 1922 with the Battle of Kilkenny, as recorded and described in “KILKENNY IN TIMES OF REVOLUTION” by Eoin Swithin Walsh – a whacking great read.  “Kilkenny will fight and Kilkenny will be right” , the leader of the local revolt against the mosque Eugene McGuinness declares – his father was seven times mayor of the little city famed for its medieval surrounds.

On Facebook alone articles criticising the mosque have had tens of thousands hits, hundreds of Likes, scores of shares – it’s gone viral locally while some very serious men and women have commented in a revolutionary manner from across the country.

People are driven to the very point of outright revolt. They fear that their area will be ghettoised, their homes devalued as is happening right now, their women raped and their children groomed.

Violence is the obvious next resort – and as we have pointed out Kilkenny people are historically good at that. Many Army families live in the area over there around the military barracks and they hate this mosque being imposed on them too. Already young soldiers over there on poor pay have told the Kilkenny Journal that they object to “being like slaves to our officers”!

You could see full scale riots up around where they are set to build the mosque, an area that is genuinely gridlocked during matches and concerts in Nowlan Park, the central pivot of the area affected in Kilkenny by this Islamic invasion.  Local Gardai are not looking forward to this, a member of the force told the Kilkenny Journal on Friday.

But serious threats are coming across the country too from people afraid that it’s only a matter of time until mosques are forced on them too.

In the near future we have elections. Right now the residents of the Continent are saying that canvassers in the presidential election are not welcome across John’s Bridge to canvass and most are to boycott the polls over there in the Lake school in retaliation.

Politicians like the Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan, who foolishly supports the mosque in the pathetic illusion that he is some sort of a great liberal white father , will not be able to canvass without massive hostility against him in the local elections next year.  We doubt if he will get a vote from anybody across John’s Bridge – or from their relations and friends across this city of kilkenny either.

The general election will go massively against the government candidates of Fine Gael, that is a certainty, in St. John’s and even across parts of Kilkenny city.

Voters over there have turned on Sinn Fein’s Kathleen Funchion too in large numbers because of that party’s support for the mosque – but Sinn Fein had their own troubles over there in East Kilkenny in any case before ever the mosque came into the picture with their John  Haltigan Cumann (Branch) isolated by Deputy Funchion and the Cumann with its 23 members sent to Coventry.

We think that the one to benefit will be the third Fianna Fail candidate, Senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor,  who did well last time out.

Back to the Continent Eugene Mcguinness tells us that there’s going to be another big meeting against the mosque over in the O’Loughlin Gaels clubhouse where his Kilkenny Community Network group will outline a plan of action.

We think that the government and the local Kilkenny Council have made a big mistake if they think that the people are going to take this lying down with so much at stake for their own lives, their houses, their families, their women folk and especially their children – it’s the little ones that will suffer most in the horrific future that the powers-that-be have in store for them. Mosque

3 thoughts on “KILKENNY’S CONTINENT TO BECOME A GHETTO. by Michael McGrath

  1. This mosque should Not be allowed… Ireland particularly Kilkenny with be invaded and your Women and Children will be put at risk.. Their ideology is such that Anyone who is Not Muslim deserves No respect..They’re Allowed to have nonbelievers as sex slaves.. The worship Mohammed a Paedophile who married his Wife Aisha when she was 6 years of age and consummated it when she was 9. Vile ideology.. Ireland as we once knew it is declining Rapidly.

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  2. “most are to boycott the polls over there in the Lake school in retaliation.”

    The worst thing you can do is stay home on election day. You’re giving them what they want. An easy re-election. They have their base of supporters [especially certain “dynasties”] that will vote for them no matter what. You want to show your resentment? Be determined to show up on election day and vote them out. That’s the only way they’ll learn who they actually work for. We can march and protest from today until election day, but it won’t make a lick of difference if we stay home and they get an easy re-election. We need to vote in people who will listen to us, who will represent us and ultimately will defend us.

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