First of all we had the bank collapse which was the fault of nobody else but ourselves. Then the next catastrophe was the gay marriage equality vote., after that the abortion referendum and now a vote to re-elect a president who was over selling the nation out with George Soros – that’s the pitiful record of the once proud Irish over the past decade as we bring in the very worst of humanity to dilute our once-strong national blood.

The media and the educational system are to blame , but above all it’s the suicidal gush of a million female breasts voting with sentimentality for everybody but their own, in everything but the national interest.

In reality the nation will disappear because it has fawned itself on a false equality that has never existed in nature and that reason abhors. They have confused the existence of God with the existence of the Catholic church and thrown out the once powerful values that guided our affairs so well.

And thus now we are cursed to become a race of semi negros in the western world, to become the black Irish after every other misfortune has befallen us. That is all the present accursed generation can see, that is all they can do in their weakness for liberalism and a cursed republicanism that was never meant to be and that the heroes never fell at the post for.

A Nation that deserts its own ten thousand homeless for a mess of Merkelian pottage does not deserve to exist. It’s better to die rather than become the mulatto country  of the future, an Ireland gone backward in stupidity surrendering its own intellect to miscegenation, there will be no fine writers of the future just rock and roll ditties. There’ll be no harp resounding through Tara Hall as the Irish feature the bone structure of Togo land, disgusting creatures of a horrific new world. The Celt finally gone never to appear on the Earth again, a world so horrifying that the nuclear holocaust would be a mercy.  A mongrel race in a bastardised land.Mosque

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