Kilkenny county council planners Nicholaas Loew ( A South African Boer)  and Denis Malone are not constructive town planners, they are hired guns brought in by the Council do do the dirty work of passing the mosque. They are the whipping boys of the Irish government in Kilkenny.

Loew moved in here from Kildare county council a couple of years back. He and Malone destroyed the lovely vista of Walkin Street against the wishes of 400 local residents.  Now they destroy the Hebron area of Kilkenny with an ugly monstrosity of a Godforsaken mosque with only one tower, a travesty of a thing overlooking the local catholic cemetery and the main entrance road into the themed medieval city of Kilkenny.

Messrs Lowe and Malone haven’t an artistic bone in their bodies. They are the worst type of philistines giving the go ahead for the wilful destruction of the skyline of the ancient Marble City.  Let’s face it, they are nothing but paid hirelings pushed up in front to sanction wilful destruction of fabulous cities like Kilkenny.

There was plenty of other places the mosque could go unobtrusively, but no, it had to be shoved into an entirely unsuitable industrial estate in the midst of  gridlocked housing estates on the eastern environs of our city – so the developer can get more money from the Saudis for the site than he would ever get in the normal course of business.  Loew and Malone are his hatchet men, not working for the People, never for the city but for the developer, council, government and the Incomers with their entirely different culture and religion.

And now we will have tourists driving in the main road to the medieval city of kilkenny – to be met by one whacking great ugly mosque with only one lop-sided minaret dome on the cheap. The tourist world won’t be long figuring that they are being kidded by a so-called medieval irish city – with McDonalds on the other side of that entrance road as they drive in.

This horrible structure – architect Gittens ought to be ashamed of himself – has one lop-sided folly of a minaret tower. It is a proper ugly duckling of a building.

According to protester Eugene McGuinness 99.9% of the thousands of residents he visited and who signed his petition against the siting of this structure are totally up in arms against the mosque, afraid of the potential grooming of their children for sexual purposes as we have seen around mosques in England.

Property and house values in the stricken area will now immediately begin to fall until houses become so worthless that the incomers easily snap them up and a ghetto begins to form.

We have seen it all before, God help the people of St. John’s in Kilkenny as their lovely world crumbles – thanks to the so-called planners of Kilkenny County Council.

Get out there and march on them and hound them to death, fight for your futures or be brutally cast aside in your own city. Don’t let this ugly monstrosity be built, oppose it and physically stand up to it and in the finality destroy all such evil as they force upon the decent God-fearing people of Kilkenny. Mosque25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)NoonanSF Arab

Revolt and fight it, and may God be with you all.

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