President Michael D Higgins supports another million immigrants to be forced on Ireland and the Irish in a massive nationwide giveaway of jobs and houses to the foreigners he supports ahead of the Irish who are doomed to be homeless and jobless – Higgins has never given a damn for the Irish homeless or jobless.

He preferred to support the mass murderer and killer Fidel Castro of Cuba. He is a friend of George Soros who wants to wipe out the indigenous Irish Race and nation . Higgins signed the Eviction Act into Law showing his brutal side towards the homeless. He wants only immigrants and refugees to replace the Irish who are being forced out.  He fully supports Islam in Ireland.

Anybody who votes for Higgins is every bit as much a traitor to Ireland and the Irish as the president himself.HigginsMosqueSF Arab


  1. This is disgusting in my home town. Why are the Irish allowing it. Throw the traitor out. There was an uprising in 1916, to free the Irish. Time to free them again from politicians who are corrupt. Send him out to the Islamic State. He should be very happy there.


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