In the whole of Kilkenny city and county only one man distinguished himself by welcoming planning permission for the new mosque to be built here.

That one man is Councillor Malcolm Noonan of the local Green party. Nobody else, not even the Imam himself, Imam Ibrahim Ndure, spoke to welcome the mosque.  Councillor  Noonan’s speech welcoming the mosque is quoted in the Kilkenny People online newspaper.

And nobody has responded to Cllr. Noonan’s welcoming statement. He has been greeted with an awesome silence all around.

Malcolm Noonan also spoke formerly to describe the thousands of local Kilkenny residents opposed to the new mosque as “Racists and Haters”  and repeated this outrageous slur on his own fellow Kilkenny citizens in The  where he contributed a full article that largely consisted of propaganda he himself had concocted .

Councillor Noonan, a full-time singer and guitarist himself, has a following of pseudo-intellectuals, musicians in particular, in the Marble City.

It’s not known whether all of them agree with Noonan about the mosque on this occasion  as their silence is palpable. They are of the set that fully welcomes the present onslaught of mass immigration here, which Noonan champions.

But they are obviously wary about welcoming the mosque and courting unpopularity amongst the thousands in the small medieval-looking Irish city that  has a huge tourist industry that could be affected by a full-grown mosque on the city’s entrance road off the Dublin -Waterford motorway.

The mosque was passed last week by the Planning Office of Kilkenny County Council run by Chief Executive Planner Nicholaas Loew, a white South African expatriate and senior planner Denis Malone in a planning decision that is far from democratic in this instance, as you can see.

The decision is now to go to An Bord Pleanala in an appeal by a large group of local citizens of the Kilkenny Community Network consisting largely of citizens of the area who will be seriously affected by the mosque.

There is now, just in the last few years, a Muslim community in Kilkenny recently arrived and amounting to about 700 people, according to Imam Ibrahim Ndure.  Burka’s on the medieval city streets are a regular sight.

A few good Muslim doctors in the nearby St. Luke’s hospital are arranging the financing of the mosque with collections from the local community and from Muslim people throughout the country. The sacred structure has been estimated to cost anywhere between three to five and six million Euro and there are charges from the locals opposed that this finance is coming from Saudi Arabia with the Saudis known to finance the more  serious mosques.

The locals, often gridlocked into their houses during GAA matches in the local Nowlan Park, are concerned that their property values will drop while they look askance at the likes of Rochdale in England and worry that the same large scale grooming  might happen here to some of their women and children from strangers congregated around the mosque.  So far the the only sign of any extremists has been the appearance of the Burka and women in long black robes on the ancient city’s streets.

The city’s muslims have so far met and worshipped in a temporary mosque in a house and garden out on the Freshford Road, just up the road from the hospital, where the hospital doctors based nearby in St. Luke’s  commenced worship over twenty years ago. These are become very solid citizens of Kilkenny.

There is a third group of local people who feel that the mosque would be better situated  elsewhere in the Marble city , such as on the spacious Ring Road or even where the temporary mosque is out there on the Freshford Road.

Other known supporters of the mosque such as the the local Sinn Fein have remained silent since planning permission was granted, while the mayor of the city Peter Chap Cleere let it be known to The Kilkenny Journal that he is opposed to the site chosen for the mosque and with the local residents in spirit.

[Pictured: Councillor Malcolm Noonan, Mosque drawing, Eugene McGuinness, Sinn Fein councillors with Imam Ibrahim Ndure]

NoonanMosque25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)SF ArabThese Kilkenny people have no objection to the mosque, only to its proposed situation.  Others oppose the massive Minaret tower stating that minarets are banned in civilized countries like Switzerland and for good reason too.

There are in fact many reasonable objections. Over forty people paid to lodge objections with the County Council while 1300 of the local residents signed, one resident per house, a petition against the siting of the mosque in the Hebron Industrial estate with the 64 foot high minaret tower dominating the skyline over the graves of loved ones in the main Christian cemetery on the approach road into this historic city of the Confederation.

The main objector, Eugene McGuinness, Chairman of the Kilkenny Community Network, and younger brother of the local Fianna Fail TD John McGuinness, states that they will go to the highest courts in the land, and even the European Court of Justice in the Hague if necessary to defend their rights to continue to enjoy peaceful lives under the provisions of the Constitution and human rights laws.


The lovely parish of St. Johns, known from  time immemorial as “The Continent” because it lies across the river Nore from the city centre of Kilkenny, is now destined to degenerate into a ghetto.

The main street there, John Street, is destined to become a bazaar, a Kasbah, as thousands move into the Marble City from all over with the new Mosque being built over there.

Thousands of the local residents are in total despair since Kilkenny County Council planners gave permission for the mosque on Thursday last. The value of their homes has dropped on the markets, nobody wants to live over there since the dreaded announcement that was greeted with horror – but also with serious threats against the mosque and the Council recorded on Facebook and  Twitter mostly.

People don’t want this invasion of orientals and their temples that are being forced on horrified Irish locals. Christian immigrants don’t want this either and in fact Eastern Europeans here are vocal against it too. And you can’t blame them because this is the worst invasion in Irish history by a very different and inimical culture.

The Vikings and the Normans, even the English, were much the same as us. There was little objection to them when they first came. All that was feared were their armies that generally the small Irish population wasn’t able for.  This is very different today.  Local Irish say that they are well able to resist this modern invasion and are only disappointed that Irish politicians and government have let them down. There will be serious violence according to what we hear, see and read, it’s only a matter of time until the mosque starts to go up.

And this is developing into serious citizen resistance on a national scale, not just in Kilkenny. However the Irish Civil War commenced in May 1922 with the Battle of Kilkenny, as recorded and described in “KILKENNY IN TIMES OF REVOLUTION” by Eoin Swithin Walsh – a whacking great read.  “Kilkenny will fight and Kilkenny will be right” , the leader of the local revolt against the mosque Eugene McGuinness declares – his father was seven times mayor of the little city famed for its medieval surrounds.

On Facebook alone articles criticising the mosque have had tens of thousands hits, hundreds of Likes, scores of shares – it’s gone viral locally while some very serious men and women have commented in a revolutionary manner from across the country.

People are driven to the very point of outright revolt. They fear that their area will be ghettoised, their homes devalued as is happening right now, their women raped and their children groomed.

Violence is the obvious next resort – and as we have pointed out Kilkenny people are historically good at that. Many Army families live in the area over there around the military barracks and they hate this mosque being imposed on them too. Already young soldiers over there on poor pay have told the Kilkenny Journal that they object to “being like slaves to our officers”!

You could see full scale riots up around where they are set to build the mosque, an area that is genuinely gridlocked during matches and concerts in Nowlan Park, the central pivot of the area affected in Kilkenny by this Islamic invasion.  Local Gardai are not looking forward to this, a member of the force told the Kilkenny Journal on Friday.

But serious threats are coming across the country too from people afraid that it’s only a matter of time until mosques are forced on them too.

In the near future we have elections. Right now the residents of the Continent are saying that canvassers in the presidential election are not welcome across John’s Bridge to canvass and most are to boycott the polls over there in the Lake school in retaliation.

Politicians like the Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan, who foolishly supports the mosque in the pathetic illusion that he is some sort of a great liberal white father , will not be able to canvass without massive hostility against him in the local elections next year.  We doubt if he will get a vote from anybody across John’s Bridge – or from their relations and friends across this city of kilkenny either.

The general election will go massively against the government candidates of Fine Gael, that is a certainty, in St. John’s and even across parts of Kilkenny city.

Voters over there have turned on Sinn Fein’s Kathleen Funchion too in large numbers because of that party’s support for the mosque – but Sinn Fein had their own troubles over there in East Kilkenny in any case before ever the mosque came into the picture with their John  Haltigan Cumann (Branch) isolated by Deputy Funchion and the Cumann with its 23 members sent to Coventry.

We think that the one to benefit will be the third Fianna Fail candidate, Senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor,  who did well last time out.

Back to the Continent Eugene Mcguinness tells us that there’s going to be another big meeting against the mosque over in the O’Loughlin Gaels clubhouse where his Kilkenny Community Network group will outline a plan of action.

We think that the government and the local Kilkenny Council have made a big mistake if they think that the people are going to take this lying down with so much at stake for their own lives, their houses, their families, their women folk and especially their children – it’s the little ones that will suffer most in the horrific future that the powers-that-be have in store for them. Mosque



Permission granted for controversial mosque in KilkennyMosque

About 40 objections were lodged with Kilkenny County Council to plans for the mosque and cultural centre at Hebron industrial estate on the edge of Kilkenny city. Photograph: Jamal Saidi/Reuters

Over 40 objections were lodged with Kilkenny County Council to plans for the mosque and cultural centre at Hebron industrial estate on the edge of Kilkenny city. Photograph: Jamal Saidi/Reuters



Planning permission has been granted for the construction of a new mosque in Kilkenny city which attracted more than 1,000 signatures in opposition to the development when it was first proposed.

Kilkenny County Council has given the go-ahead to the trustees of the Kilkenny Islamic Centre for a religious and cultural centre at Hebron industrial estate on the edge of the city which is expected to cost about €6 million to build, when ancillary features are included.

Over 40 objections were lodged with the council to plans for the mosque and cultural centre in the weeks after the application was received from the trustees.


One of the objectors, former election candidate Eugene McGuinness, who is a brother of Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness, collected 1,035 signatures from people living in the vicinity of the site.

He said plans were already being made by the citizens committee, Kilkenny Community Network, to appeal the council’s decision to An Bord Pleanála.

Mr McGuinness said earlier this year that “99 percent of people in the area don’t want that development” and that there were already major traffic issues in the area, with people driving through the industrial estate to get to residential areas, particularly on the days of big hurling matches in nearby Nowlan Park.

Mr McGuinness said his opposition to the plan had nothing to do with religion.

Renegade Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan welcomed news of the grant of planning permission. “Matters unrelated to the planning process have been stressful and hurtful for our local Islamic community, but I’m hopeful now that is all in the past. This development will benefit the whole community, representing a €3 million construction investment in the local economy as well as the ancillary benefits to local business, and it is reflective of a modern Kilkenny, inclusive, welcoming and diverse.”

Noonan now faces the problem that he can’t canvass the area affected as he could be at risk from the ire of the residents over turning on them and insulting them by publicly calling them bad names in the media . The local radio station KCLR also turned against the residents objecting to the mosque. There’s as lot of that old virtue signalling going on in Kilkenny on the ground

– but Kilkenny mayor Peter “Chap” Cleere said he opposed the mosque in the location where it is to be sited. The Mayor sympathised with the thousands of Kilkenny people opposed to the mosque in the their areas and stood with them foursquare.

It’s a very dark day for Kilkenny city, among the worst in the history of the marble city. More and more Muslims will now pour in to the area while the citizens fear developments like child grooming as happened in several similar British towns such as Rochdale for instance. People fear a big increase in rape in Kilkenny as well. Several said that the mosque has depreciated the value of their houses on the market while more said that their lovely area will now descend into a ghetto as happened everywhere all over the provincial cities of England where a large mosque was built.

Others point to the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin and the dangers this extreme outfit poses to Europe. They fear that the same will now happen at the Kilkenny mosque which is obviously financed by the extremist Saudis.

All in all the future of Kilkenny city now looks less certain than ever.


First of all we had the bank collapse which was the fault of nobody else but ourselves. Then the next catastrophe was the gay marriage equality vote., after that the abortion referendum and now a vote to re-elect a president who was over selling the nation out with George Soros – that’s the pitiful record of the once proud Irish over the past decade as we bring in the very worst of humanity to dilute our once-strong national blood.

The media and the educational system are to blame , but above all it’s the suicidal gush of a million female breasts voting with sentimentality for everybody but their own, in everything but the national interest.

In reality the nation will disappear because it has fawned itself on a false equality that has never existed in nature and that reason abhors. They have confused the existence of God with the existence of the Catholic church and thrown out the once powerful values that guided our affairs so well.

And thus now we are cursed to become a race of semi negros in the western world, to become the black Irish after every other misfortune has befallen us. That is all the present accursed generation can see, that is all they can do in their weakness for liberalism and a cursed republicanism that was never meant to be and that the heroes never fell at the post for.

A Nation that deserts its own ten thousand homeless for a mess of Merkelian pottage does not deserve to exist. It’s better to die rather than become the mulatto country  of the future, an Ireland gone backward in stupidity surrendering its own intellect to miscegenation, there will be no fine writers of the future just rock and roll ditties. There’ll be no harp resounding through Tara Hall as the Irish feature the bone structure of Togo land, disgusting creatures of a horrific new world. The Celt finally gone never to appear on the Earth again, a world so horrifying that the nuclear holocaust would be a mercy.  A mongrel race in a bastardised land.Mosque


Kilkenny county council planners Nicholaas Loew ( A South African Boer)  and Denis Malone are not constructive town planners, they are hired guns brought in by the Council do do the dirty work of passing the mosque. They are the whipping boys of the Irish government in Kilkenny.

Loew moved in here from Kildare county council a couple of years back. He and Malone destroyed the lovely vista of Walkin Street against the wishes of 400 local residents.  Now they destroy the Hebron area of Kilkenny with an ugly monstrosity of a Godforsaken mosque with only one tower, a travesty of a thing overlooking the local catholic cemetery and the main entrance road into the themed medieval city of Kilkenny.

Messrs Lowe and Malone haven’t an artistic bone in their bodies. They are the worst type of philistines giving the go ahead for the wilful destruction of the skyline of the ancient Marble City.  Let’s face it, they are nothing but paid hirelings pushed up in front to sanction wilful destruction of fabulous cities like Kilkenny.

There was plenty of other places the mosque could go unobtrusively, but no, it had to be shoved into an entirely unsuitable industrial estate in the midst of  gridlocked housing estates on the eastern environs of our city – so the developer can get more money from the Saudis for the site than he would ever get in the normal course of business.  Loew and Malone are his hatchet men, not working for the People, never for the city but for the developer, council, government and the Incomers with their entirely different culture and religion.

And now we will have tourists driving in the main road to the medieval city of kilkenny – to be met by one whacking great ugly mosque with only one lop-sided minaret dome on the cheap. The tourist world won’t be long figuring that they are being kidded by a so-called medieval irish city – with McDonalds on the other side of that entrance road as they drive in.

This horrible structure – architect Gittens ought to be ashamed of himself – has one lop-sided folly of a minaret tower. It is a proper ugly duckling of a building.

According to protester Eugene McGuinness 99.9% of the thousands of residents he visited and who signed his petition against the siting of this structure are totally up in arms against the mosque, afraid of the potential grooming of their children for sexual purposes as we have seen around mosques in England.

Property and house values in the stricken area will now immediately begin to fall until houses become so worthless that the incomers easily snap them up and a ghetto begins to form.

We have seen it all before, God help the people of St. John’s in Kilkenny as their lovely world crumbles – thanks to the so-called planners of Kilkenny County Council.

Get out there and march on them and hound them to death, fight for your futures or be brutally cast aside in your own city. Don’t let this ugly monstrosity be built, oppose it and physically stand up to it and in the finality destroy all such evil as they force upon the decent God-fearing people of Kilkenny. Mosque25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)NoonanSF Arab

Revolt and fight it, and may God be with you all.


President Michael D Higgins supports another million immigrants to be forced on Ireland and the Irish in a massive nationwide giveaway of jobs and houses to the foreigners he supports ahead of the Irish who are doomed to be homeless and jobless – Higgins has never given a damn for the Irish homeless or jobless.

He preferred to support the mass murderer and killer Fidel Castro of Cuba. He is a friend of George Soros who wants to wipe out the indigenous Irish Race and nation . Higgins signed the Eviction Act into Law showing his brutal side towards the homeless. He wants only immigrants and refugees to replace the Irish who are being forced out.  He fully supports Islam in Ireland.

Anybody who votes for Higgins is every bit as much a traitor to Ireland and the Irish as the president himself.HigginsMosqueSF Arab

MAYOR OF KILKENNY AGAINST THE MOSQUE – “It’s the wrong site for it”, Mayor Peter Chap Cleere told the editor of the Kilkenny Journal.

Over at County Hall in Kilkenny on Monday for the presidential nominations Mayor Peter Chap Cleere told the editor of the Kilkenny Journal that he opposes the location for the proposed mosque for Kilkenny.

He also denounced a rumour he was told that the Rose of Tralee had been “racially abused” in the city. ” Sue Nunn told me it happened over the phone and led me to denounce something that I now know never happened”, he honestly declared.  “I’m glad that never happened in my city where we are renowned for our fair-minded approach to visitors of all nationalities from all over the world” , the Mayor proudly declared.

Other reactions from councillors to the site for the mosque weren’t so good:

Some councillors in Kilkenny like Cllrs. Noonan (Green Party) and ex-maor Cuddihy are happy to see the planned development of a Mosque in the city go ahead.

Former Mayor of Kilkenny and Fine Gael Cllr Patrick O’Neill said he “knew very little about the development plan” before he read the application but that he’s “interested to see what comes out of it”.

Patrick O’Neill got to know the Muslim community in Kilkenny very well during his time as Mayor of Kilkenny in 2016 and 2017.

However, he questioned whether “the proposed site is the right site for the development or not”.

Heckling and shouting dominated a meeting about the proposed development last April.

That meeting was organised by Fianna Fáil’s John McGuinness and his son Cllr. Andrew McGuinness to give people information on the proposed development of a mosque, residential accommodation, a community hall, cafe, library, and a Halal butchering shop in Kilkenny. Neither McGuinness will commit one way or the other since.

The meeting did not go to plan as heated arguments broke out between people on opposing sides of the development.

Sinn Féin Cllr David Kennedy agreed with Mayor O’Neill and said that he has “no problem with the Muslim community building their own mosque in Kilkenny once it goes through the proper planning procedures”. Kennedy never admitted that he is related by marriage to a local Muslim family.

The conversation about the proposed development exploded on The Kilkenny Journal first in a massive exclusive last year.

Pat O’Neill was surprised by this and said “debates on both sides got heated” especially as “not all the facts are being put out on the table to a certain extent”.

Talk about a politician hedging his bets!SF Arab25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)NoonanMosque (1)


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