2 FAMILIES UNDER NEW KILKENNY BRIDGE, Kilkenny local radio interviewed 2 families sleeping out rough in tents under the new Kilkenny city bridge , one from Kilkenny, one from Athlone, while 60 refugees were given their own lovely new houses in KK. See

Photo by Michael McGrath, professional photographer, Kilkenny city.


  1. The lead paragraph of this article is a disgrace.Is the “author” suggesting that the refugees should be under the bridge instead.Race hate garbage of the worst kind.

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    1. No, the author is not suggesting that anybody sleep rough out under a bridge. We disagree too with your sickening insults and smears that do not form any sort of an intelligent critique. An ape could snort like you!


      1. The piece is “dog whistle” racist crap,and you know it,otherwise why mention refugees,you bloody low life.The people you should be mentioning are FG/FF who are responsible for the policies that put those poor people under the bridge,but you prefer to point the finger at refugees .I hope people treat you and it with the
        contempt you deserve.

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      1. Your rant is obvious to all as comprising the usual Lefty Sneer and Smear. You’re just a cheap traitor to the Irish people and all things Irish, so Goodnight you worthless piece of sheet.


  2. Are they refugees with women and children or are they financial refugees like the last ones who landed here recently with there designer clothes and top of the range phones, young men who should be home fighting for there country and freedom, not fleeing there country and leaving women and children back home, I’m not a racist and believe a country should be looking after there own before refugees

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  3. If we cannot house our own we have absolutely no business housing other nationalities…
    I am sick to death of this bloody government and EU flooding our countries with regugeees while ignoring our own, diluting our identities. Most of these people don’t want to be here and hate our culture and have no interest in integration. When the Irish travelled the world we integrated and you won’t here an Irish person in America state that they are Irish, they will proudly state Irish American and they love their adopted country and the opportunities it gave them…
    We must look after our own first, otherwise we will cause an uprising and the refugeees will be the ones to suffer as the hatred and frustration will be taken out on them instead of the corrupt politicians who are allowing it to happen for financial gain

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    1. Most of this is complete horse shit.

      Firstly, we can house our own and refugees. There are plenty of empty houses, plenty of space to build houses and plenty of money to build houses. If we aren’t building houses it’s because of us, and how we have let our society become what it is. You are responsible for it, just like every other Irish person.

      When you say that most people don’t want to be here and don’t want to immigrate and hate our culture I can only imagine that you don’t know enough immigrants to think any differently and this ignorance is your own fault and will only change when you open up your mind. Reading rag journalism and letting it spark your rage shows you have a lot to learn about life.

      When you say that when the Irish travelled the world we integrated, this is complete bullshit. I’m currently living in Vancouver which is full of Irish people. The majority of them only have Irish friends and live the same lives they did when they were back home in Ireland. Just because they’re white and speak English doesn’t mean they’ve “integrated” into anything.

      I’ve yet to meet an Irish person in Canada who called themselves Canadian or Canadian-Irish. The only people I’ve met who call themselves so in Canada or the US or anywhere else are those who have an Irish parent or grandparent or distant Irish heritage. I’ve also yet to me a 2nd or 3rd generation migrant in Ireland who doesn’t call themselves Irish.

      I agree with your point that it is the migrants who will suffer from wrongly directed anger and frustration that should be instead directed towards corrupt politicians and those truly responsible for the problems in Ireland. But you are part of the problem. Spouting such ignorance does nothing but breed anger and frustration in the wrong direction. Your racist drivel is not going to solve any of the problems in Ireland. If you want to change anything, educate yourself, try to be compassionate, and then go out and change something real. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

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      1. You’re cracked! You haven’t the foggiest idea about public economics or the housing supply. We are not building houses, granted the government is remiss in this – but every house granted to a refugee is one less for a person, Irish or immigrant, on the housing list for years.

        Your total obsession with the refugee issue has blinded you to everyday reality.

        The rest of your rant consists of dirty low-class insults against persons who care for our country , caring deeply for our unfortunate poor homeless. You have no heart in you at all, just a dark traitorous muscle in your chest pumping hatred toward your own country, your own nation and people.

        I have no more time to waste on faithless curs like you!


  4. I am not a fake ID and was very sorry to see your headline show up on my FB page this morning, and even more sad to see the name-calling going back and forth. It would be important for Irish people to know that, first of all, there are certain obligations a country is responsible for when they are members of the EU, the UN, and so on. Part of that includes taking in refugees at times. Because of the refugee presence here, if some people want Ireland to withdraw from the UN and the EU, as well as NATO and other similar entities, then they will also have to be happy to withdraw from the various benefits of those organizations. If they are unaware of the benefits, then they need to inform themselves.

    As for the people living under the bridge, it would be great if someone provided information as to why they are doing so, if anything was offered to them, if they sought housing, how long they have been there, etc. You might have heard about this incident:

    And as for the refugees who are wearing “designer” clothes and using the latest smartphones, etc – you of course have a right to question that and wonder what it’s about, though in terms of the clothing, you might not have been shopping in some good charity shops lately and seen what well-off people give away to them. However, most refugees are here because they have fled a place that is a living hell, and have gone through unimaginable difficulties to reach some degree of safety. It’s possible that if Irish people were in a similar position, they could hope that a safer, richer country could take them in, just as during an Gorta Mór.


  5. Our govt under Enda Kenny offered to take all these thousands of refugees, it’s not mandatory by the EU or UN and indeed there are now many who do question our membership of these organisations – and we have every right to do so as patriotic Irish men and women!

    We don’t have to admit every beggar to Ireland as is happening for some years now, and obviously the vast majority of people here – immigrants as well as Irish – don’t want any more. We have brought over a million in which is highly destabilising and debt incurring for such a small island nation that was never a colonial power and never oppressed anyone in the world like the other EU powers did.

    There are no benefits to membership of the EU, rather the reverse, Ireland must have poured a billion into that organisation by now. We also donate almost a billion every year to all these third world countries countries that’s mostly squandered on armies, palaces and munitions.

    I note your newspaper is the Irish Times, a leftist propaganda rag if ever there was one. Little wonder your head is turned the way it is.

    We have several families sleeping in Garda stations an d under bridges as in Kilkenny – not only the family that went viral.

    Let me know what charity shops I can buy highly desirable luxury phones in, thanks – I’m waiting earnestly with tenner in hand!


  6. There is absolutely no benefit to membership of the UN, we are joined as an international service. In fact there is a lot to be criticised about the UN , especially their encouragement of mass immigration into this country under the Geneva Convention that they have constantly updated without reference to the member states so as to encourage mass immigration.

    Regarding refugees we welcomed them at first – but not to grant full council houses with thousands in grants to furnish them to each refugee family. They should take their places on the housing lists here like all of the Irish and immigrants here already have to do, and b e lodged like everybody else in hotels, hostels etc etc. There must be equality of all seeking houses in Ireland no matter where they may come from, Equality do you hear!


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