Michael D comes under real pressure for the first time as a proxy councillor launches the presidential bid  of Eamon O’Cuiv. This represents the war within Fianna Fail between the conservatives and the liberals such as Tim Dooley TD who today disparaged the emerging campaign of the man known as “Dev Og” , young Dev, grandson of one of the founding fathers of this State, the legendary Eamon DeValera. Eamon O’Cuiv’s mother was Dev’s last surviving daughter who died at 93 years of age. The DeValera family seems to be blessed with longevity and to die peaceful deaths. One wonders if it’s because of how pious they are?

Eamon O Cuiv was disappointed when the liberal leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin with only 22 of the parliamentary party present, decided not to contest the presidency as he was the party’s natural candidate. But he is considered too conservative by the present liberal-dominated FF party with the former Labourite Michael D. Higgins, the present incumbent much more to their liking. Higgins is the Establishment’s favourite who wants to continue forcing mass immigration on the Irish people from Africa, Asia and South America , from any of the non-European countries of the world.

Higgins also obliged the Establishment by signing the Eviction Act into Law, and also signing anti-protester laws into action at the time of the water protests.  Higgins is a “good” European while O’Cuiv spoke openly against both the European Financial Compact and the Nice Treaty, both untypical leftist actions from Young Dev that have gained him a lot of supporters amongst the more rebellious.

O’Cuiv is 68 so he simply has to go for election to the Park this time as basically it’s his last chance – though Higgins is nearly ten years older but that doesn’t matter as he is the Establishment and media darling. Higgins was also in New York in September 2015 to pay homage to George Soros in his mansion but that is played down by the Irish media.

O’Cuiv has no hope of another ministry, basically his political career has hit the final bumper. Party leader Martin doesn’t want him even if Fianna Fail were somehow miraculously to get back into government. He knows this so the presidency is his only hope. So now in a typical De Valera type manoeuvre he is launching his career by proxy via his underling Councillor Crowe while he keeps his head down so as to circumvent Fianna Fail party HQ disapproval as they are pledged to support Higgins. O’Cuiv will easily get the backing of four councils , that’s a certainty, there are about 14 councils in fact who could support him.

Then  he will put it to the Party Executive to let him run as an Independent and if Bobby Aylward and John McGuinness lead another revolt against Martin’s authority as they did over abortion, and this is very likely, then at that stage O’Cuiv will go through as a Fianna fail candidate. But if the Executive turns him down he will resign the party whip and still go forward as an Independent still holding great support all across the party but for a handful of TDs and senators loyal to martin. Martin will suffer yet another defeat thius if he opposes O’Cuiv’s candidacy for the presidency.  This has all the hallmarks of a deValera political chess game, obviously “Dev Og” has inherited all his grandfather’s cleverness and diplomacy in the political art.

Today, Tim Dooley, the most liberal party deputy sought to disparage the O’Cuiv candidacy as a non-runner. This is therefore the Micheal Martin line but it won’t work. Dev Og sees himself as entitled to the presidential palace that his famous grandfather inhabited, the entire DeValera family see this as their destiny too, and a lot of Fianna Fail members will therefore follow, support and vote for Ui Cuiv whatever Martin’s spokespersons say or threaten. The broad Fianna Fail party has wanted a presidential candidate and now they have a dream candidate in the shape of Eamon O’Cuiv. The Fianna Fail sense of destiny and grandeur is thus continued right on to the steps of the Aras and maybe in the palatial front door.

Micheal Martin is a very weakened man, his tool Tim Dooley is of a miniature stature in the party. He has only Dooley and  Kelleher amongst a few others of the front bench left that he can depend on. The party’s last Ard Fheis  demanded that Martin and the lkeadership run a party presidential candidate and they have failed to honour that request of the Ard Fheis. Martin is only going further downhill while the onward march of Eamon O Cuiv simply can’t be stopped as he hammers at that Aras door.


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