Media can carry all the propaganda they like, but in the case of the mosque it’s a waste of time as left wingers carry no weight in the High Court, nor does their propaganda.

There is no way to seek compensation from Kilkenny county council for a bad planning decision, unfortunately – there should be! But the decisions of local planning officers will be held up to public odium in court.

For instance accidents could be avoided by good planning decisions. It’s bad planning decisions that are mainly responsible for the deaths of toddlers on housing estates , as we have seen here in Kilkenny already.

One undesirable feature of the mosque application is how the use of the area was only altered a few months before the application to build the mosque there came up! That’s transparently most fortunate for the developer. It could also show the councillors of Kilkenny County Council in a stinking light. All of them – as all of them voted unanimously to rezone thus.

The great thing about the High Court is that virtually every sentence of an application has to be teased out and that takes years – while all the dirty disclosures seep out intermittently.

Councillors who like to look upon themselves as planning maestros all of a sudden get that aching feeling in the pits of their stomachs as yet another observation of a judge makes them out to be either fools or knaves.

There’s many a chance to get a dig in at both councillors and planners at the High Court. careers can be adversely affected as a result. Nobody ever really wants to go to court, bad decisions drive us there.

Court can be a public cleansing service, as such it is welcome. Everybody in a county council behaves themselves impeccably with court in the air.

Despite all the claims of a propaganda nature from mainly the left involving the usual allegations of racist behaviour, as Fr. Frank Purcell stupidly indulged in on Sunday,  none of that stuff is wisely allowed in court.  There in the Four Courts you can’t, thankfully, smear your opponent anymore. There you need right – and law – on your side.  Allegations of racism are very hard to stand up in front of a judge, usually you will turn the entire court against you by such infantile carry-on.

In any case despite what their parish priest thinks and says publicly in the newspapers about them, none of the St. John’s objecting residents are racists. none of them either oppose anybody on account of their religion, as Fr. Purcell foolishly proclaimed.  And bringing Jesus into it didn’t help Fr. Purcell make his case for racism or anti-Islamic behaviour either. It only made him look more determined to frame his own parishioners!

From what we see, the further questions the Council has put to the applicant are not of a decisive nature.  they are mostly concerned with the structure of the site.  So you can take it that they are going to pass the mosque, despite all the valid objections placed by  the most discerning  residents.

Basically if you are on the receiving side of a mosque application, you’ve had it. no sound judgement of any kind is employed by the planners. they just update a few technical requirements and grant permission automatically where Islam is concerned. That’s the slave-type society we live in today.

Anyway why should we care?  I mean, why should I care?  Why should the planners or I care? I mean, we don’t live anywhere near the affected site. That’s the zeitgeist of today’s Kilkenny, today’s ireland.  It’s all about money anyway.    The developer is to get a lot more from the Saudis than his parcel of land is worth over there on the Hebron estate. It’s all so totally corrupt that it does actually stink.

Put on a  big show over in the Council planning department.

But in reality the residents can go and fuck themselves.

Next up it will be An Bord Pleanala.   Seeing as they have also put on a lot of theatre before they granted permission for the new Dublin mosque, it will then be on to the High Court in a few months time. Now there I am actually hopeful. The judges that I have met there already impress me.  They are far from the two-bit planners you meet up with on the local council.  They don’t count the political implications one way or the other, they could care less about the EU’s desires in the matter.   Best of all they are never in a hurry. You have a real chance with a High Court judge.  Watch your High Court procedure,  play it like a brilliant game of chess – and you can indeed win!

That’s why Fr. Purcell’s attempts to bludgeon his parishioners against going for the High Court in the names of Jesus and Allah are so infantile. The man betrayed his total lack of either intellect or loyalty to his own parishioners on Sunday in his big important interview with the “Mail on Sunday”  WOW.

The game gets better. The Four Courts houses the High Court, the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court.
It’s going to be a long long time before a sod is ever turned over on the mosque site, a long long time indeed.
In the meantime our best advice to the unfortunate residents it to sell out, for eventually all hell awaits you.



  1. The Minarets are for two purposes. One to have high ground look out to control surrounding area and two to use the above and call to prayer. In Iraq they were used to fire upon our Troops while our troops were not allowed to fire back upon them if in mosques. They were also used for storing warring weapons stockpiles because coalition troops were not allowed to enter mosque. Pretty stupid on our part to go along with those ROEs.


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