Kilkenny Sinn Fein supports the mosque, Let Noonan lead on…

We have this photograph from Sinn Fein themselves of their courtesy visit to the temporary Kilkenny mosque on the Freshford Road in Kilkenny. They went there to assure the Mohammedans of their support for the new mosque that is proposed to be built over in St. John’s Parish as it is Sinn Fein policy to support and to house all the new arrivals.

In this, Sinn Fein is no different than any of the other old Irish political parties, all of whom finance and welcome all the incomers into Ireland – though no party has ever done anything for the Irish homeless who now number almost ten thousand across the land.

Pictured at the mosque are Sinn Fein councillors Sean Tyrrell and David Kennedy. However it is now discovered that the entire idea was Councillor Kennedy’s  who is the SF Whip on Kilkenny County Council.  It’s understood he has in-laws who are Muslim. Kennedy is a man who has seen the world as an Irish naval rating. Thus he totally welcomes all the Muslims and their mosques too. He sees no problem with the proposed siting of the new mosque over in St. John’s either, he sees no traffic problems or any problems at all. . It’s all bound by official Sinn Fein policy and that’s that as far as he is concerned.

Tyrrell, who is much more nationally minded , had to go as it was party policy to do so.  Whereas Kennedy was vocal in favour of the mosque,  Sean Tyrrell had nothing to say about it at all. Sean has relations living for the past half century in O’Loughlin Road up beside where the mosque is to be built, a great hurling family and a highly respected Kilkenny family too.

He was the only politician, outside of the McGuinness trio, who attended the protest meeting against the mosque that fateful night in O’Loughlin Gaels hurling club..
The Tyrrell family is well represented on the staff of Kilkenny County Council so naturally there is no inkling of where they stand  concerning the mosque. But they are good patriotic people who won’t let the side down when push comes to shove.

And now Sean is the subject of intense speculation over a patriotic ditty that appeared in his name last month on Snapchat. It has controversial lines about certain people returning  home to a certain continent.  Since it appeared Sean has for some reason been unable to take his seat as usual at the Council table.

And no, we’re not complaining about him at all – if in fact it happened as we are told then he is one of the many rank-and-file  in Sinn Fein on the right track.  Hopefully any party suspension will be over soon.

Sinn Fein city officers Tommy Hackett and Eddie Hayes are with Sean all the way, in fact you do have a decent patriotic branch of Sinn Fein in Kilkenny city with members who do the right thing rather than the party thing.

Still, it might have been better if Sinn Fein had never released this photo. We believe that they were led astray by the chief propagandist for the new mosque in Kilkenny, Green party councillor Malcolm Noonan, a man who knows it all even though he never bothered as usual to turn up at the meeting.

Thus Malcolm is even better than any journalist we have ever known, as he was able to report on that meeting, interpret what went on in there, analyse it and present an expert article about it online on – without ever have been there at all!  In fact we bet that Malcolm could even report on a meeting before it even takes place. He is such a remarkable fellow that we are not at all surprised that Sinn Fein follows his lead.

Indeed we hear that several newspapers are looking at the unique way that Malcolm has of reporting important events without being there. A local paper wag  enthused that the Noonan Method would save bags of money,  and there’d be no petrol expenses etc., but lamented that the NUJ wouldn’t hear of it and threaten a strike.

Regarding the mosque itself we now hear that it’s in abeyance, that we might hear something more about it by the end of the summer after the architect is finished answering all the Council questions – not one of which is surprisingly to do with the towering height of the mosque over the graveyard despite a whole shoal of objections over that.

We think it will then go the way of an An Bord Pleanala appeal and after that a High Court judicial review. But one thing is for sure, it will be always resented by the people of St. John’s for being so forced upon them in the first place and disturbing all their lives.SF Arab

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