TorturerMary Lou McDonald TD, Leader of Sinn Fein,  was again bawling and blustering in the dail this morning. Her style is to berate and blast opponents so as to shout them down and even bully them.
The woman is thuggish in her approach, she has the biggest mouth in Irish politics as she rabbits on with little logic or clarity with the same rabble-rousing approach to every issue that arises.
She is no idealist either, which comes as no surprise. She deserted the Fianna fail party in central Dublin to jump aboard a Sinn Fein bandwagon .  Coming from a wealthy family and living in a mansion in Dublin North Central, she plays the working-class hero to gullible Dubliners.
Like many other politicians she’s a clever opportunist hopping on every bandwagon. She will always side with the media where she’s an expert in the politics of sentimental slobbery that unfortunately tends to sway Irish women voters in particular.
She is able to disguise a preference for immigrants, again on  false sentimental grounds while pretending to sympathise with the 9,864 Irish homeless, one third of them children,  that mass immigration has forced out onto the streets.

Mary Lou has , of course, no expertise in the economic or financial area of policy but then Sinn Fein is poorest party in this category, north or south.

She won’t be able to pretend that she’s against water charges next election, that was Sinn Fein’s ace card last time out.  This time they’ll have to come up with some other facade, but Mary Lou is great at that game.

This morning she falsely accused Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of being against the Press in the dail – and when she was proven wrong in this she typically let her false accusations go without correction or apology from her. Yes she’s a tough cookie – but this is being deliberately false and obtuse on her part.

Thus it’s amazing how anybody of intelligence can hold her up as a paragon, which incredibly some actually do. Former leader Gerry Adams with all his faults was more honest and  straightforward than Mary Lou. A word can’t be believed from her lips, everything coming from her is exaggerated , and she rarely cites any authority , source or record for her staggering claims.

Whatever you may say about him, Varadkar is careful to source and cite anything he states in public in the Dail. He’s not a Braggart like Mary Lou, he’s not ideologically driven as she is. He’s a gentleman whereas she ain’t no lady. She has one strong cast iron neck to stand up and accuse him of everything that she has just made up on the fly.

And who is the socialist? She lives in a mansion and comes from a wealthier background than he does, while he lives in a Dublin flat. Almost everything about this Mary Lou character is false, but she can shout and bawl with the best of old style politicians and she can paint the lies and the smears on like a professional.

MARY LOU McDONALD pictured here with her friend Jonathan Dowdall, jailed for torture last year. Dowdall is a former Sinn Fein councillor now serving a lengthy sentence in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin.

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