Whatever happens with this planning permission, the Mosque for Kilkenny will be challenged before An Bord Pleanala, and if necessary, the High Court.

The Kilkenny Network Project under the leadership of Eugene McGuinness ( younger brother of TD John McGuinness) will bring this legal challenge. It could even reach The Supreme Court. Eugene has vowed to make it his life’s work to stop the mosque in his beloved St. John’s area of Kilkenny city.

He and all his supporters – and they amount to some thousands right across kilkenny and indeed the rest of Ireland – feel that their Christian world that their parents brought them up in is being hacked away from themselves and their children. They feel that the mass immigration being forced on Ireland is wholly inimical and opposed to the Irish society that they cherish. Eugene has stated that he wants the blessed sounds of the bells of St. John’s church and not the Muslim call to prayer five times a day.

He and his army of supporters see a great symbolism in the minaret intended to tower over St. Kieran’s cemetery where their people are buried and where they lovingly visit and pray. They regard it as a sacrilege for it to be positioned so. For make so mistake about it there are a million Catholics – and a million Protestants too – still left in Ireland and they all demand an equal say in the way this country is run. In the whole of Ireland there are a couple of million devout Christians amongst our citizens and they will not be moved!

Eugene McGuinness is one of these. A son of the legendary Mick  McGuinness who was Mayor of Kilkenny seven times, he won’t have his beloved father and mother overshadowed by a mosque in their final resting place. This is a do or die situation for Eugene and many of the objectors across Kilkenny – let there be no mistake about that.  They won’t go away, not even if the authorities finally succeed in years to come to finally get this mosque built against the wishes of thousands of local residents.

Petitions, a couple of thousand , were signed at EVERY single door bar one – the home of a prominent city leftist who refused, yet McGuinness still  rang on her bell and went into her house to canvass her.
“I faced her because just like everybody else who signed, she deserved as a member of our community to be asked as well”.
She told Eugene she couldn’t sign as she is devoted to the concept of One Worldism for Ireland where all must be equal no matter where they come from, no matter how many.  They parted good friends as ever.

Eugene said it is a fact that the petitions were therefore indeed signed by 99.9% as he repeatedly declared at the controversial meeting.  And he had a right to speak up,  as he had gotten up of his arse and canvassed 1,300 residents in his neighbourhood at their doors.

He simply cannot understand why the Imam insists on buying the site and building there despite the overwhelming wishes of the entire community against the mosque in their area. He says that neither he nor his objectors have any problem with the mosque being built elsewhere, that their objections are not against it just because it’s a mosque but for their own personally important reasons of their own lives and families.

Some also point to the developer who also owns the land on which he wants to build the mosque, saying that he’ll get a lot more money for that land from Saudi Arabia than from anybody else, and that therefore it is he who is the main driving force in bringing a substantial purpose-built mosque to such an unsuitable  Irish residential area. These cynics are convinced it’s all money driven.

And there are others who see it as a total symbol of the conquest of Ireland all over again. For let’s face it, in Kilkenny at least it has been shown that the mosque is proposed against the wishes of the majority of the people. And that is not good enough for Irish people who feel that they still should have a say in their own country and especially in what happens in their own locality, what happens to their families and to their own homes.  Politicians have dismally failed to represent their own Kilkenny electors in this regard and they will pay for it in the upcoming Local, European and General elections. That’s for certain!

Irish politicians and their political parties were never more unwelcome by the plain people of Ireland who to date have in fact been welcoming to the incoming European populations who share the same values and the same lifestyles, life choices and interests as the Irish population.  But there it stops. People question why most immigrants today are non-EU persons, how everybody from anywhere seems to have a right to float in here and do their own thing, build their mosques and create their own society within the country. That leads to ghettoisation, that’s what Irish people are afraid of for their families. they fear another Rotherham for their children. They fear the rapes in front of Cologne cathedral happening here, the truck massacres in the streets.  Already the figures for rape are well up  across ireland, though Kilkenny is amongst the more peaceful spots and people want to keep our lovely city  safe and secure for the kids above all.

To others there is theme of the medieval city of Kilkenny to be maintained and nurtured and they don’t see a mosque on the grand entrance to the City of the Confederation as in any way helpful in this regard. Towering minarets do not make medieval Norman-Irish cities. For the more commercially-minded there’s the tourist image and business to maintain for Kilkenny as well.

It may seem odd in this globalist age but Irish people still want to maintain their values and their Irishness in their own country, and the ferocious resistance to the mosque here in Kilkenny is symptomatic of this overpowering wish to remain Irish and  European in a distinct country that we have all been brought up to know, love and cherish.

Kilkenny is a liberal city above all. The local green councillor Malcolm Noonan paints a most unjust  picture of this, declaring in the national media that he is “ashamed to be a Kilkennyman, I would prefer to have been born somewhere like Ballaghadereen”.

It’s the opposite, Eugene McGuinness contends, to what Noonan proclaims so dramatically. Kilkenny is the one of the fairest places anywhere in the world, the most civilized, the most artistic centre you could possibly find anywhere in Ireland. The Imam is respected, his religionists are welcomed and even counted as friends. But the mosque is still objected to  where it is planned to be built. It’s basically to go on an old famine site where there was a mass burial mound, between that and the present St. Kieran’s cemetery where 95% of the burials are Christian, mostly Catholic but with some Protestants who were always welcome to be buried there too.

And the mosque is planned for to go into the midst of the greatest traffic snarl up in Kilkenny! The GAA ground of O’Loughlin Gaels, who have also put in an official objection to the Council to the mosque on traffic grounds, can have matches played there several evenings a week in the busy hurling season.  Nowlan Park also attracts thousands of cars weekly when local residents are shut in and can’t move. It’s deadly during the Nowlan Park concerts featuring top international stars such as Bruce Springsteen.  There’s not room to swing a cat at times in that big residential area of Kilkenny where the local residents have been suffering from massive traffic congestion for years.

In fact the only way that traffic to the mosque could be handled is by the construction of a massive underground car park underneath it – but then you have former Kilkenny Mayor and Council chairman David Fitzgerald worried that the mosque could encounter the famine mass grave up there -and calling for an archaeological dig before any decision about the mosque is made. Within the context of the historic city he has a good point.

There are other fears that the giant seventy foot minaret would overlook the sprawling housing estates  and interfere with their familial integrity and the privacy they are entitled too.  There are people, more materially based,  pointing to the way property values would tend to drop –  and that even now with the mosque proposal they say that this has started to happen.

Eugene McGuinness demanded to know from the Imam, to his face at the controversial meeting about the mosque last April in O’Loughlin Gael’s clubhouse if he could still proceed with the mosque in view of all the huge opposition to it by the people of the area – while a lady there, Marian Massey, asked nicely why the mosque could not be built more suitably on the Freshford Road where the muslims of Kilkenny worship at present. Marian pointed out the existence of the Famine grave there that her late mother always spoke respectfully  about , she belonged to a family named Bowe who had  actually lived on the spot for generations.

Other respectable Kilkenny people such as Ann Marie Hogan  of the local Hogan family , resident in the area for a century at least and cousins of  EU Commissioner Phil Hogan, also stood up and objected formally to the Imam and his architect that the mosque would be  totally unsuitable and even undesirable in their eyes with the area having the biggest concentration of children in Kilkenny. And now a row over the cruel Halal butchering method, due as an ancillary operation to the mosque, has blown up amongst animal lovers of Kilkenny.

The President of the lay litigants association in Dublin, a formidable freelance advocate called Tom Coghlan, also a lifelong member of the Legion of Mary, along with all the resources of the legal business ORCA in Dublin, and with a local solicitor, are all at the ready to bring a high court action at a moment’s notice against the mosque, while Eugene mcGuinness has a local committee at the ready to signal the commencement of all the legal objections above in the Four Courts. Such an action is to be locally based though driven with the help of professionals in Dublin.

Cllr. Malcolm Noonan may indulge in all the virtue signalling he likes –  but he didn’t even bother to attend the one  public meeting about the mosque in Kilkenny and that says a lot about his style of representation indeed!  You also had the usual “War Against Racism” protesters at the gate of that meeting, and they certainly did not help the prospect of a peaceful meeting with their super-charging of the event while people passed on the way in to attend.

Whatever happens, the mosque has a very long and expensive way to go before it can ever be pencilled in for the Hebron Industrial estate in the midst of it all in the Medieval City.

One wag pointed out to us what he called “the sign of the times” – the main entrance road to kilkenny with McDonald’s on one side of the road and the mosque across on the other!

How’s that for your medieval city!”, he quipped.

“How’s that for 25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)NoonanHigh StreetMosqueMosque Planyour medieval city!” , he quipped.


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