Now that six EU nations have rejected EU-mandated quotas for Muslim invaders, Ireland will take up the slack — Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Now that six EU nations have rejected EU-mandated quotas for Muslim invaders, Ireland will take up the slack June 29, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 34 Comments _________________________________________________ Ireland has agreed to take in tens of thousands of mostly Muslim illegal asylum seekers as part of “burden sharing” measures agreed to with other Western EU leaders. […]

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Michael D comes under real pressure for the first time as a proxy councillor launches the presidential bid  of Eamon O’Cuiv. This represents the war within Fianna Fail between the conservatives and the liberals such as Tim Dooley TD who today disparaged the emerging campaign of the man known as “Dev Og” , young Dev, grandson of one of the founding fathers of this State, the legendary Eamon DeValera. Eamon O’Cuiv’s mother was Dev’s last surviving daughter who died at 93 years of age. The DeValera family seems to be blessed with longevity and to die peaceful deaths. One wonders if it’s because of how pious they are?

Eamon O Cuiv was disappointed when the liberal leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin with only 22 of the parliamentary party present, decided not to contest the presidency as he was the party’s natural candidate. But he is considered too conservative by the present liberal-dominated FF party with the former Labourite Michael D. Higgins, the present incumbent much more to their liking. Higgins is the Establishment’s favourite who wants to continue forcing mass immigration on the Irish people from Africa, Asia and South America , from any of the non-European countries of the world.

Higgins also obliged the Establishment by signing the Eviction Act into Law, and also signing anti-protester laws into action at the time of the water protests.  Higgins is a “good” European while O’Cuiv spoke openly against both the European Financial Compact and the Nice Treaty, both untypical leftist actions from Young Dev that have gained him a lot of supporters amongst the more rebellious.

O’Cuiv is 68 so he simply has to go for election to the Park this time as basically it’s his last chance – though Higgins is nearly ten years older but that doesn’t matter as he is the Establishment and media darling. Higgins was also in New York in September 2015 to pay homage to George Soros in his mansion but that is played down by the Irish media.

O’Cuiv has no hope of another ministry, basically his political career has hit the final bumper. Party leader Martin doesn’t want him even if Fianna Fail were somehow miraculously to get back into government. He knows this so the presidency is his only hope. So now in a typical De Valera type manoeuvre he is launching his career by proxy via his underling Councillor Crowe while he keeps his head down so as to circumvent Fianna Fail party HQ disapproval as they are pledged to support Higgins. O’Cuiv will easily get the backing of four councils , that’s a certainty, there are about 14 councils in fact who could support him.

Then  he will put it to the Party Executive to let him run as an Independent and if Bobby Aylward and John McGuinness lead another revolt against Martin’s authority as they did over abortion, and this is very likely, then at that stage O’Cuiv will go through as a Fianna fail candidate. But if the Executive turns him down he will resign the party whip and still go forward as an Independent still holding great support all across the party but for a handful of TDs and senators loyal to martin. Martin will suffer yet another defeat thius if he opposes O’Cuiv’s candidacy for the presidency.  This has all the hallmarks of a deValera political chess game, obviously “Dev Og” has inherited all his grandfather’s cleverness and diplomacy in the political art.

Today, Tim Dooley, the most liberal party deputy sought to disparage the O’Cuiv candidacy as a non-runner. This is therefore the Micheal Martin line but it won’t work. Dev Og sees himself as entitled to the presidential palace that his famous grandfather inhabited, the entire DeValera family see this as their destiny too, and a lot of Fianna Fail members will therefore follow, support and vote for Ui Cuiv whatever Martin’s spokespersons say or threaten. The broad Fianna Fail party has wanted a presidential candidate and now they have a dream candidate in the shape of Eamon O’Cuiv. The Fianna Fail sense of destiny and grandeur is thus continued right on to the steps of the Aras and maybe in the palatial front door.

Micheal Martin is a very weakened man, his tool Tim Dooley is of a miniature stature in the party. He has only Dooley and  Kelleher amongst a few others of the front bench left that he can depend on. The party’s last Ard Fheis  demanded that Martin and the lkeadership run a party presidential candidate and they have failed to honour that request of the Ard Fheis. Martin is only going further downhill while the onward march of Eamon O Cuiv simply can’t be stopped as he hammers at that Aras door.

KILKENNY PARISHIONERS WANT PARISH PRIEST OUT! Talk of bottles of Scotch in the presbytery!

His parishioners  are up in arms  against a Parish priest who came out with the extraordinary statement that Jesus wants the mosque in his parish of St. John’s in Kilkenny.

Fr. Frank Purcell has been parish priest of St. John’s, Kilkenny, for 16 years. He is the son of a potato farmer from Owning, County Kilkenny.

He actually went so far as to slate his own parishioners as “racists” in the “Mail on Sunday” newspaper, doing this without warning to anybody.

They are now on to the Kilkenny Journal saying that they are going to petition the new  Bishop of Ossory, Dermot Farrell, to remove this insulting priest from their midst.

This storm blew up out of the blue.  Purcell told nobody that he was going to the papers. he never gave his parishioners an inkling that he was going to denounce them in a mass circulation Sunday newspaper that circulates all over Ireland and the UK.

There was no consultation whatsoever, not even with his own local diocesan authorities. Fr. Purcell’s inflammatory statements came right out of the blue, taking the hierarchy unawares and sowing seeds of bitter discontent in the local catholic community.

There was also talk of large bottles of Scotch being bought in for the  St. John’s priests’ house  every evening from the local Dunnes Stores and some people attributed the priest’s outburst to the newspaper to that.

Whatever, it is felt that Fr. Purcell deserves a rest. People are still shattered from his outburst.  And in fact they are never racists but 1300 local parishioners who signed an objection to a proposed mosque for their estates based on traffic problems mostly.

And though Fr. Purcell forces religion into the issue,  declaring  that Jesus supports the mosque, none of the objectors have ever said anything about religion at all. Nobody has breathed a word about race either – except Fr. Purcell  himself.

Father Frank Purcell, St. John’s, Kilkenny city, pictured here on the right.Purcell


Media can carry all the propaganda they like, but in the case of the mosque it’s a waste of time as left wingers carry no weight in the High Court, nor does their propaganda.

There is no way to seek compensation from Kilkenny county council for a bad planning decision, unfortunately – there should be! But the decisions of local planning officers will be held up to public odium in court.

For instance accidents could be avoided by good planning decisions. It’s bad planning decisions that are mainly responsible for the deaths of toddlers on housing estates , as we have seen here in Kilkenny already.

One undesirable feature of the mosque application is how the use of the area was only altered a few months before the application to build the mosque there came up! That’s transparently most fortunate for the developer. It could also show the councillors of Kilkenny County Council in a stinking light. All of them – as all of them voted unanimously to rezone thus.

The great thing about the High Court is that virtually every sentence of an application has to be teased out and that takes years – while all the dirty disclosures seep out intermittently.

Councillors who like to look upon themselves as planning maestros all of a sudden get that aching feeling in the pits of their stomachs as yet another observation of a judge makes them out to be either fools or knaves.

There’s many a chance to get a dig in at both councillors and planners at the High Court. careers can be adversely affected as a result. Nobody ever really wants to go to court, bad decisions drive us there.

Court can be a public cleansing service, as such it is welcome. Everybody in a county council behaves themselves impeccably with court in the air.

Despite all the claims of a propaganda nature from mainly the left involving the usual allegations of racist behaviour, as Fr. Frank Purcell stupidly indulged in on Sunday,  none of that stuff is wisely allowed in court.  There in the Four Courts you can’t, thankfully, smear your opponent anymore. There you need right – and law – on your side.  Allegations of racism are very hard to stand up in front of a judge, usually you will turn the entire court against you by such infantile carry-on.

In any case despite what their parish priest thinks and says publicly in the newspapers about them, none of the St. John’s objecting residents are racists. none of them either oppose anybody on account of their religion, as Fr. Purcell foolishly proclaimed.  And bringing Jesus into it didn’t help Fr. Purcell make his case for racism or anti-Islamic behaviour either. It only made him look more determined to frame his own parishioners!

From what we see, the further questions the Council has put to the applicant are not of a decisive nature.  they are mostly concerned with the structure of the site.  So you can take it that they are going to pass the mosque, despite all the valid objections placed by  the most discerning  residents.

Basically if you are on the receiving side of a mosque application, you’ve had it. no sound judgement of any kind is employed by the planners. they just update a few technical requirements and grant permission automatically where Islam is concerned. That’s the slave-type society we live in today.

Anyway why should we care?  I mean, why should I care?  Why should the planners or I care? I mean, we don’t live anywhere near the affected site. That’s the zeitgeist of today’s Kilkenny, today’s ireland.  It’s all about money anyway.    The developer is to get a lot more from the Saudis than his parcel of land is worth over there on the Hebron estate. It’s all so totally corrupt that it does actually stink.

Put on a  big show over in the Council planning department.

But in reality the residents can go and fuck themselves.

Next up it will be An Bord Pleanala.   Seeing as they have also put on a lot of theatre before they granted permission for the new Dublin mosque, it will then be on to the High Court in a few months time. Now there I am actually hopeful. The judges that I have met there already impress me.  They are far from the two-bit planners you meet up with on the local council.  They don’t count the political implications one way or the other, they could care less about the EU’s desires in the matter.   Best of all they are never in a hurry. You have a real chance with a High Court judge.  Watch your High Court procedure,  play it like a brilliant game of chess – and you can indeed win!

That’s why Fr. Purcell’s attempts to bludgeon his parishioners against going for the High Court in the names of Jesus and Allah are so infantile. The man betrayed his total lack of either intellect or loyalty to his own parishioners on Sunday in his big important interview with the “Mail on Sunday”  WOW.

The game gets better. The Four Courts houses the High Court, the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court.
It’s going to be a long long time before a sod is ever turned over on the mosque site, a long long time indeed.
In the meantime our best advice to the unfortunate residents it to sell out, for eventually all hell awaits you.



Yesterday Father Frank Purcell, the parish priest of St. John’s parish in Kilkenny for where the mosque is proposed, took to the national media without telling anybody and read out the many opponents of the mosque in Kilkenny in the “Mail on Sunday” Irish edition.

Today the acknowledged leader of the campaign against the construction of the mosque on the site that it is proposed for, Eugene McGuinness ( younger brother of Deputy John McGuinness) made the following reply to Father Purcell’s admonitions via the Sunday media.

Eugene states:

“It is indeed sad when you see that once again the race card is been raised, by none other than the Parish Priest of St. Johns Parish in his comments relating to our legitimate objections to a development on the Hebron Road.

“Sad because when you read his comments it is apparent the good Father hasn’t even done us the courtesy of reading our objections and as such, has little understanding of the difficulties facing these communities day after day, week after week.

“For a Parish Priest who doesn’t understand or hasn’t listened to the concerns of his own Community speaks volumes, a sad day for religion and maybe another indication why church numbers are dropping so dramatically year on year.

“Had Father Purcell read our submissions he would have seen that religion was never mentioned, nor should it be, as it is not a legitimate reason for objection. We have said time and time again that we believe the Islamic Community are entitled to their mosque, but it must conform to all planning regulations, as would any development.

“It is because of the traffic/parking issues on the Hebron road/Bishop Birch Place that we believe this site to be totally unsuitable. Our concerns are legitimate, well researched and lodged as part of the planning process.

“It is in fact the Iman, Ebrahima Ndure who raises the race card time and time again in an effort to sway public opinion but it’s a fight we are not involved with and wont get drawn into.

“A High Court Appeal would not be a Christian Act” Fr. Frank Purcell tells us, but it would seem that  allowing Kilkenny County Council to trap people in their own homes, as a result of bad planning for hours with no access to the emergency services, is?
Should that emergency become critical and a priest is called, would Fr. Purcell consider it to be unchristian for Kilkenny County Council to deny or hinder access for a priest to administer the “Lasts Rites” because of bad planning?

“Are you seriously suggesting that we drop our objection because “Rome’s Law” takes precedent over Irish Law! It would seem that, just like the last referendum, we like all the yes voters, will have to rush to the confessionary to ask for forgiveness for defending our own communities.

“Unfortunately Father “Rome’s Law” has not served us well and needs to get its own house in order before pointing the “less powerful” accusing finger.

“We who are living the traffic nightmare will peruse all legitimate methods to get our message across and you should apologise unreservedly for suggesting that there is anything racist or unchristian in that endeavour.

Eugene McGuinness Chairman Kilkenny Community Network.25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)


A Kilkenny Sinn Fein councillor created a ditty on Snapchat a month ago to the effect that certain people should return to their “huts” on a certain continent.

As a result the Kilkenny Sinn Fein co-opted councillor has had the whip removed temporarily while the party makes a decision on his future. He is the consort of Deputy Kathleen Funchion who had her lover  co=opted to Kilkenny County Council in the first place.

It hasn’t turned out well. He has proven to be hot headed and foul mouthed in dealing with critics, and very threatening too. In fact he had to be cautioned by the Gardai only a few months ago for threatening a 70-year-old journalist who had criticised Deputy Funchion.  She is no saint either, calling a the man a “nazi” in the former Sinn Fein paper, “An Phoblacht” in a case that ended up in the High Court. She does not care who she slanders in her quest to maintain herself in power and money.

Funchion herself has been undergoing proceedings in Kilkenny court against her separated husband, another Sinn Fein TD, David Cullinane of Waterford. This obviously has an effect on her work of political representation.

To top it all she hasn’t been a success as a politician with abysmal performance in the Dail where she has failed badly to represent Kilkenny as it deserves to be.  She is an awful speaker, so never cut out for the Dail. This should have been noticed as she never contributed anything during her time in the Council chamber either.

She slavishly obeys the party line in favour of the mosque and the handing away of Council houses to Newcomers to the country.

Sinn Fein, a party that supports the newcomers even in preference to native KIlkenny people, is expected to come down severely on their local councillor for his creativity in composing the racist ditty. He could even be asked to resign his co=opted seat, given to him by the party at the behest of Deputy Funchion.

But it is hard to tell as Sinn Fein typically maintains a Stalinist-type silence over the entire issue. As a cult rather than a normal political party they operate shrouded in secrecy with a total distrust of both press and public.

The Kilkenny Journal has tried in vain to make contact with the councillor concerned.  He has not been allowed to sit at the Council table and we believe that he is not allowed to talk to anybody , either press or public. Basically he is being maintained incommunicado by Sinn Fein.

The attendance of the  other Sinn Fein Councillor, David Kennedy, at the mosque  to pledge his support to Islam in Kilkenny is to be understood from his personal position of having a sister married to them.  This is understandable – however Councillor Kennedy should not allow his personal relationships to dictate his public duties especially with regard to the mosque and to the granting of Council houses to Newcomers in Kilkenny.

PICTURED, Cllr. Sean Tyrrell SF , Imams, Cllr. David Kennedy SF in support of the proposed Kilkenny Mosque at Hebron Industrial Estate, Kilkenny city.SF Arab


Deputy Kathleen Funchion and Sinn Fein support the handing away of Council houses to recently arrived Incomers to Kilkenny.    49 of such newcomers have been handed new Council houses by Kilkenny County Council.  Green party councillor Malcolm Noonan also supports the giving away of these houses to the Incomers rather than to the local Irish on the Council’s housing list.

And this will continue to be the case with the Irish housing applicants excluded. Basically the evil plan is for the Irish homeless, nearly ten thousand of them now, to be neglected to the extent that they will be forced out of the country, while all the houses are handed away in the interests of diversity and the  enhancement the newcomers will bring to Irish society. Or so Sinn Fein says, and also the Greens, the PBP and other lefties and pinko liberals amongst us.

Three and a half thousand Irish children are to remain homeless in abject poverty, and the leftist liberals amongst the parties and politicians are unanimously agreed about this.  Basically Sinn fein holds that they are no worse than all the other councillors on Kilkenny County Council who allow this atrocious state of affairs as they all lick up to the Council Executive.

Some of the local Sinn Feiners plead that they have no choice as the party policy is completely in favour of forced mass immigration –  and from non-EU countries too – into Ireland.  They say they must obey the party whips. They say that all this is in the party policy. Thus they say that they are not to blame at all as they are only carrying out orders – now where did we hear that before,eh?Adams


Carlow-Kilkenny Sinn Fein TD sent councillors Kennedy and Tyrrell to the Kilkenny Islamic Centre to assure the Imam of the full support of the local Sinn Fein party for the new mosque scheduled for St. John’s Parish.

Like Malcolm Noonan, Sinn Fein has brushed aside forty paid objections from the residents including Brian Murphy, Chairman of the O’Loughlin GAA Club, and a couple of thousand of signed petitions against, as the work of malcontents, haters, racists and the far right.

However that is not the case at all. The objectors are all long time respected residents of the estates surrounding the site of the mosque – all the people of Assumption Place, O’Loughlin Road,  Ossory Park, Bishop Birch, Hebron Road, Millennium Court, Lakeside stretching over into Newpark.

There is now a report to appear in the Mail on Sunday, though it probably consists of more such media abuse of the residents because of their legitimate objections.SF ArabKathleen-Funchion-by-election

Kilkenny Sinn Fein supports the mosque, Let Noonan lead on…

We have this photograph from Sinn Fein themselves of their courtesy visit to the temporary Kilkenny mosque on the Freshford Road in Kilkenny. They went there to assure the Mohammedans of their support for the new mosque that is proposed to be built over in St. John’s Parish as it is Sinn Fein policy to support and to house all the new arrivals.

In this, Sinn Fein is no different than any of the other old Irish political parties, all of whom finance and welcome all the incomers into Ireland – though no party has ever done anything for the Irish homeless who now number almost ten thousand across the land.

Pictured at the mosque are Sinn Fein councillors Sean Tyrrell and David Kennedy. However it is now discovered that the entire idea was Councillor Kennedy’s  who is the SF Whip on Kilkenny County Council.  It’s understood he has in-laws who are Muslim. Kennedy is a man who has seen the world as an Irish naval rating. Thus he totally welcomes all the Muslims and their mosques too. He sees no problem with the proposed siting of the new mosque over in St. John’s either, he sees no traffic problems or any problems at all. . It’s all bound by official Sinn Fein policy and that’s that as far as he is concerned.

Tyrrell, who is much more nationally minded , had to go as it was party policy to do so.  Whereas Kennedy was vocal in favour of the mosque,  Sean Tyrrell had nothing to say about it at all. Sean has relations living for the past half century in O’Loughlin Road up beside where the mosque is to be built, a great hurling family and a highly respected Kilkenny family too.

He was the only politician, outside of the McGuinness trio, who attended the protest meeting against the mosque that fateful night in O’Loughlin Gaels hurling club..
The Tyrrell family is well represented on the staff of Kilkenny County Council so naturally there is no inkling of where they stand  concerning the mosque. But they are good patriotic people who won’t let the side down when push comes to shove.

And now Sean is the subject of intense speculation over a patriotic ditty that appeared in his name last month on Snapchat. It has controversial lines about certain people returning  home to a certain continent.  Since it appeared Sean has for some reason been unable to take his seat as usual at the Council table.

And no, we’re not complaining about him at all – if in fact it happened as we are told then he is one of the many rank-and-file  in Sinn Fein on the right track.  Hopefully any party suspension will be over soon.

Sinn Fein city officers Tommy Hackett and Eddie Hayes are with Sean all the way, in fact you do have a decent patriotic branch of Sinn Fein in Kilkenny city with members who do the right thing rather than the party thing.

Still, it might have been better if Sinn Fein had never released this photo. We believe that they were led astray by the chief propagandist for the new mosque in Kilkenny, Green party councillor Malcolm Noonan, a man who knows it all even though he never bothered as usual to turn up at the meeting.

Thus Malcolm is even better than any journalist we have ever known, as he was able to report on that meeting, interpret what went on in there, analyse it and present an expert article about it online on – without ever have been there at all!  In fact we bet that Malcolm could even report on a meeting before it even takes place. He is such a remarkable fellow that we are not at all surprised that Sinn Fein follows his lead.

Indeed we hear that several newspapers are looking at the unique way that Malcolm has of reporting important events without being there. A local paper wag  enthused that the Noonan Method would save bags of money,  and there’d be no petrol expenses etc., but lamented that the NUJ wouldn’t hear of it and threaten a strike.

Regarding the mosque itself we now hear that it’s in abeyance, that we might hear something more about it by the end of the summer after the architect is finished answering all the Council questions – not one of which is surprisingly to do with the towering height of the mosque over the graveyard despite a whole shoal of objections over that.

We think it will then go the way of an An Bord Pleanala appeal and after that a High Court judicial review. But one thing is for sure, it will be always resented by the people of St. John’s for being so forced upon them in the first place and disturbing all their lives.SF Arab


cropped-2018_0418pats20180001PATRIOTIC IRISH CANDIDATES WANTED IN ALL AREAS. by Michael McGrath.

EUGENE McGUINNESS is the candidate for decent patriotic Irish people in Kilkenny city.  But such candidates will be needed in every Kilkenny electoral area to contest as many seats as possible on kilkenny County Council next May.

In a shameful move a couple of months ago the CEO of Kilkenny County Council had every councillor sign some sort of a peculiar declaration that she sent around the council table, condemning The Kilkenny Journal to perdition.

That’s because we had exposed the corrupt purchase of the Brogue Maker inn behind the backs of the councillors themselves – what a bunch of weaklings they proved to be!
We exposed the Council proposal to open a type of a small Dail bar & Restaurant for themselves and their Golden circle  in Butler House.

Before that we exposed  the betrayal of the people of the Walkin Street area on the Council by their own councillor, Malcolm Noonan, over on the Council

– he actually turned traitor after they had invited him in to the privacy of their meetings in objection against a local high rise building against the wishes of the residents of the old callan Road, Fr. Delahunty Terrace, Father Albert and Dean Cavanagh Place.
Noonan subsequently ran off out of the area to live in Loughboy. And from there he has now recently attacked the residents of St. John’s over their opposition to the mosque!

Then we exposed the Council CEO appointment of her neighbour below in Annestown, Tramore, as Director of the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny.

To top that we campaigned against the swingeing rates increases that drove so many fine Kilkenny city businesses to forced closure.

We struck a thunderbolt of a blow against the same Council when we exposed their attempt to sneak in planning permission for a mosque in a traffic -ridden quarter of the city without a whisper – the councillors were once more taken aback as the whole city exploded!

Now we need good people from North, South and Mid Kilkenny county to go forward and press the advantage home , complete the campaigns we started, by going for election to the County Council next May.

The present crop of North Kilkenny councillors failed even to draw attention to the handover of five new council houses  to Incomers  over local housing applicants out of a total of eight at Togher way, Urlingford. We need a good councillor keeping an eye out in North Kilkenny to shout the alarm and prevent a recurrence of such a shameful handover , especially now with 16 more houses going into Togher Way.

The same fate is to befall the befall Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh, Callan and many places in the new Mid county electoral area that will elect six councillors to the Council next year – if there isn’t a new independent councillor elected as a watchdog to warn the people of such anti-national behaviour by Sinn Fein, FF & FG, all sold out to the EU.

As for South Kilkenny, houses have been handed over to Incomers in Ferrybank and Piltown without as much as a cough from any local councillor. That  traditional republican area of Kilkenny is now well sold out to the traitorous crew as well and badly needs a new watchdog elected to serve the local people’s interests.

County towns such as Freshford,  Tullaroan, Ballyragget, Gowran, Goresbridge, Ballyhale, Paulstown, Inistioge,  Mullinavat, Lukeswell, Knocktopher, Mooncoin, Stoneyford  and the Rosbercon area are all targeted by the Council to house Incomers rather than locals on the housing lists for years and that’s downright unfair.
All, whether local or newcomer , should have to start at the bottom of the ladder in complete equality of order and treatment regards housing and everything else.

This is why new candidates are so badly needed to take on the corrupt old parties right across kilkenny in next May’s local elections.

There are now 9,846, nearly ten thousand homeless in Ireland, one third of them are children.

PICTURED:  City Hall, Kilkenny.