THERE IS NO EQUALITY. Dublin 15 is dangerous!

The Irish are white first and Irish second! There is no equality. There was never any equality of the races or nations.  Nature itself is based on primacy. The races are very different. For instance we see that the black nations excel in sport, the whites in the power of intellect.

Thus you can’t classify a recently arrived African as one of “the new Irish”. In fact this country must be bewildering to him in so many ways. Torn from his homeland the African youth sticks to his own and thus you get the African gangs in Dublin 15 that are attacking suburban trains, injuring, robbing and intimidating the commuters. Sexual assault is massively on the rise since mass immigration began.

It is plain to be seen that there is no equality in Dublin 15. Balbriggan is the new Johannesburg which has the greatest murder rate in the world today. The facts, the truth, have to be shamelessly told.  Metropolitan Ireland is in crisis due to the mass migration forced on this small country over the past twenty years.

Irish people have understandably begun to defend themselves. We are, after all, the Fighting Irish. People have begun to join the new  parties such as Identity Ireland and The National Party. Next May’s local and European elections are great opportunities for these new parties that have emerged to speak up for the Irish people and organise against this mass invasion of our country, because that is what it is.

The good nature of the Irish people is taken advantage of by the media and the system politicians. But Irish people are suffering now, they are being passed over for council houses in favour of the newly arrived.  Poor Irish whites are continuously sidelined for jobs as employers find the new arrivals cheaper and more manageable while there are 9000 homeless Irish including 3500 Irish children homeless. This can’t go on!

The country’s finances are stretched to pay five billions extra for social welfare, housing, health and education for all the new arrivals now totalling up to a million in the country, with the government announcing that another million will be brought into Ireland over the next twenty years, by 2040. The National Debt is 206 Billions and rising fast!

And now they have started bringing Africans in directly from the laden shipfuls  of  illegal aliens in the Mediterranean. without criminal or security checking at all. Most of the Mediterranean migrants seem to be illiterate too and therefore of no benefit but another huge drag on the economy and our way of life here in Ireland.

Pictured:    Peter O’Loughlin, Leader and Chairman of the newly registered IDENTITY IRELAND Party, that pouts the Irish People first.Peter

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