It seems with the  latest intake from a shipful of  illegal aliens from the Mediterranean that the Irish government are intent with filling up the island of Ireland with as many non-whites as possible.
Badly in debt Ireland can’t afford the billions the mass immigration program that now costs Ireland five billions a year in the extra provision of health, welfare, education and housing services for an approximate one million arrived here in the new millennium.

Blacks and Asians are featured on TV programmes and  made to look natural as “the new Irish” as if they are the most natural thing in the world in an irish environment. Globalism rules as the Irish national identity is deliberately undermined  as basically worthless.

Sex is encouraged between Irish girls and the newcomers while the Irish race is degraded and the Nation deliberately downgraded.

They are in such a hurry to pack Ireland with blacks that they are now embarked on an extra program of taking Africans from the Mediterranean and relocating them as “refugees”  directly to Ireland.

Meanwhile over 8000 Irish are homeless and this includes 3,500 Irish children. All parties are involved in this program to wreck the Irish nation and destroy our place forever. It’s done at the behest of the EU who have already strapped the Irish with a massive bank debt of 68 Billions.

There’ll be no Ireland left at the completion of this present program in 2040 unless immediate and terrible action is taken to call a halt to this plan for the genocide of the Irish nation.  Pictured:  Irish president Michael D HigginsHiggins

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