President Higgins is 77 –  I’m 71 and I’m saying he’s too old for such a demanding position as president – if we want the presidency to be able for the modern age. He promised the people of Ireland faithfully back in 2011 that he would only seek one term and he must as president stand by his word.

The electorate must have its say over the presidency. As the Irish Independent says today, there is a reason a President does not sit on a throne. It is because we are a democracy and do not do coronations. Even so, it would appear that both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are preparing a coronation by stealth for Michael D. Higgins.

Neither party appears to have the appetite for choosing its own candidate. Indeed one has to go back to 1966  to find a time when the incumbent was last challenged, when Tom Higgins challenged Eamon DeValera unsuccessfully at the time.

Where possible, it is always preferable to have an contest and let democracy have its day. But the two main political parties seem to wish to avoid the cost of fielding their own candidates and would prefer to divert resources and concentrate energies on fighting a general election within the next 18 months. They have European and Local elections to fight as well next May.

yesterday FF leader Micheal Martin was forced to defend his decision to support the cultural Marxist   Higgins for another term, should he decide to seek  re-election, as he is to belatedly tell us next month.

The presidency is an important office of State and ought not to be decided by backroom party deals. As the polls hold, Higgins might well romp home, but thankfully we’ve never had an election by opinion poll yet. But the president should be chosen by the electorate and not by whatever is convenient for a political party.

We need a youthful president like Macron of France or Trudeau of Canada in this day and age.  Higgins, God bless him, could easily die in office so there would be an election anyway, unless they then hand the presidency to his most deserving elderly widow, or to one of his children.  So you can see that this could readily descend into farce yet.Higgins

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