This leaves 91 refugees to be housed here before  December, bringing the total to 140 for the year.  Refugees will not only continue to be housed at 140 a year in Kilkenny,  but numbers are now to be increased according to a public statement by the Taoiseach himself during the week, with more  immigrants to be brought directly from the Mediterranean ships.

All were housed in accommodation originally intended for locals on the housing list, who have all now been put back on the lists. This will continue to happen over the next several years, for the foreseeable future.

In fact it now looks as if there will be no end to it so local people will drop down the Council’s housing list on a continuous basis.  It’s really become a joke now, so much so that we wonder why anybody bothers anymore to put their names on the Council housing list.

ALL Kilkenny TDs and councillors have now agreed with this.

Basically as far as the councillors are concerned  the locals can put up with this or take the boat.

Not a single TD has raised it in Dail Eireann either.

meanwhile 8,500 Irish people are homeless and this includes 3,500 children.DPfI20uW4AAwlqF

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