HigginsSeven years ago President Michael D Higgins was wrongfully elected and imposed on the people of Ireland by the blunder of Pat Kenny reading out a fake message over Irish TV to the population of Ireland.

With respect, we don’t want another seven years of Higgins in the Park. We don’t want a presidential return by opinion poll. We deserve a proper presidential election, that is our right.

I’m 71 and consider myself too old for the presidency. Higgins is 77 and would be 84 before his time would be up , if he lived. If he doesn’t live we would have all the expense of replacing him upon dying in office.

I’m old enough to remember a blind doddering old Eamon DeValera as President. Though a great man in his time, Dev wasn’t there as president with aides finally having to help him around. Higgins looks beat already. He simply won’t be able for full term.

And many people don’t want Higgins anyway.  He signed the Eviction Act into law. He signed laws enabling the Garda to arrest water protesters. He went off and mourned at the funeral of the cruel despot  Fidel Castro who murdered and tortured thousands. Yet g Castro remains a hero to Higgins.

There are several younger people who want to go for the presidency and all of them are great candidates.

Like Kevin Sharkey who could be our first black president.  Kevin, a Donegal man and a renowned  Irish artist , dearly loves Ireland and the Irish people .
Though he wants Ireland to remain in the EU  he wants us to have the freedom to reject the current mass immigration being enforced on Ireland.
He wants Ireland to be totally free again in the world. What a dream that is now but with Kevin Sharkey as president it could become a reality.

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