Five gardai detained a suspect as he tried to board the 1.18 PM Kilkenny-Dublin train today. They questioned this badly dressed well built young man who looked to be in his Thirties. The Gardai were taking no chances as they questioned him at the station forecourt as he appeared to be a very hard man indeed  to look at. He was badly dressed and disheveled and appeared to be a fugitive, perhaps who had slept out while on the run. They were taking no chances at all as they handcuffed the man.

Decently they allowed  the man to make a phone call over a mobile before they placed him in a squad car – two cars had attended the scene. He was a white man and we thought he spoke with an Irish accent as we strained to hear him speak from a distance.

There is no doubt about the increased Garda activity since the new station superintendent came to town a couple of months ago. The new super means business and rightly so. Indeed anybody committing crime in Kilkenny is at nothing but is now completely up against it as Garda activity has reached an all-time peak in the city.

We were encouraged by what we saw. Tonight we were further encouraged by the high level of Garda presence on the streets of Kilkenny.  Congratulations to all our heroes in blue out there to ensure our safety in our beds. You won’t find a better police force anywhere than the boys and girls  of Kilkenny Station.drunk

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