THE MOST BORINGLY BORING CITY COUNCIL MEETING IN HISTORY. Peter “chap” Cleere of the rural Skeoghvosteen area of county Kilkenny was elected unopposed under the electoral pact between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail as Mayor of Kilkenny city this afternoon. It was so incredibly boring that a member of the press, journalist Michael McGrath of The Kilkenny Journal covering the meeting, left halfway through the meeting as the new deputy mayor, former Army private “G.I” Joe Malone started to speak. There was an attendance of only one man, Jack Kavanagh, from Kilkenny city , but all of the new mayor’s massive extended family including all the children, packed into the city hall council chamber from Skeough and Graiguenamanagh out in the county. It wasn’t the fault of the new mayor. He’s the local bank manager of the bank of Ireland and a former Kilkenny hurler which basically got him elected in the first place. The only other city person attending the mayoral election was local Dail deputy John McGuinness in a return to City Hall after an absence that has stretched many years. John was obviously there canvassing the huge Graiguenamanagh contingent for the upcoming general election. Usually he stays miles away from the Kilkenny local authorities. Kilkenny County Council Chief Executive Officer Coletete Byrne attended the meeting in her official capacity but she never said a single word at all. It is getting to the point that something drastic will have to be done to entice some citizens of Kilkenny city back to City Hall, but it’s far too boring of a Council right now for that to happen anytime soon. Photos: Peter “Chap” Cleere, the new Mayor of Kilkenny City, Ireland, for 2018-2019 . Also Kilkenny city hall at the Tholsel, High Street, Kilkenny city, Ireland.


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