Kilkenny County Council has wisely decided to postpone a decision on the planning application to build a large mosque with 70 foot high minaret tower in St. John’s Parish up against the local Christian cemetery of St. Kieran.

Photos here were taken by The Kilkenny Journal photographer Michael McGrath ( phone 0877560725) though photography was banned at the controversial meeting and he had to furtively take these shots.

The Imam and Architect were at pains to paint their massive development as “small”, “moderate” etc., while the local radio journalist in her report here is clearly biased against the protesters inside the meeting – she said nothing about the protest outside the meeting of leftists accusing those attending of being racists and haters.   In fact the local radio station sneakily leaves that gate protest out of their reports altogether.

The County Council planning office has now stated , in deference to the many paid objections they received, that they want answers from the mosque developers to several further questions that they need answered before they can come to any decision at all.  They are not satisfied with the sparse application that the mosque developer has submitted.

That’s the state of play at the moment.

Oh and by the way,  the woman from Kells in this report who spoke in favour of the mosque and damned the objectors  turned out to be the chair of the local anti-racism grouplet – who afterwards held a small meeting in the nearby Newpark Hotel that the entirety of Kilkenny city and county people ignored.

Writing in  local green party councillor Malcolm Noonan slated the many local objectors as “Haters” and said he wished he wasn’t a Kilkennyman and that he would prefer to live in Ballaghadereen!

We await further news and will bring you the news of any further developments immediately they occur here on the WordPress edition of The Kilkenny Journal.


    1. Only 17 people, mostly Muslims, attended the subsequent meeting at the Newpark Hotel, organised by the anti-racism crowd, to support the Mosque. The whole of Kilkenny ignored that meeting and that speaks louder than even the anti-mosque meeting that we describe here.


  1. If this reporter was shocked by the reaction of the people of this town it only shows how out of touch with the community she is. It shows how unprepared she is to actually listen to what the people are saying: they don’t want a mosque in their community, they don’t want Islam spreading and overtaking their community. How can they not have the right to say that, to demand that. They are the majority. Ask them why, rather than slander them with words like ‘racists’ (which is false as Islam is not a race), as ‘islamophobes’ (this is actually a medical term, missused to slander). People see what is happening all over the world and don’t want it to happen to their community. To demand this is their right. Why the surprise?

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