This leaves 91 refugees to be housed here before  December, bringing the total to 140 for the year.  Refugees will not only continue to be housed at 140 a year in Kilkenny,  but numbers are now to be increased according to a public statement by the Taoiseach himself during the week, with more  immigrants to be brought directly from the Mediterranean ships.

All were housed in accommodation originally intended for locals on the housing list, who have all now been put back on the lists. This will continue to happen over the next several years, for the foreseeable future.

In fact it now looks as if there will be no end to it so local people will drop down the Council’s housing list on a continuous basis.  It’s really become a joke now, so much so that we wonder why anybody bothers anymore to put their names on the Council housing list.

ALL Kilkenny TDs and councillors have now agreed with this.

Basically as far as the councillors are concerned  the locals can put up with this or take the boat.

Not a single TD has raised it in Dail Eireann either.

meanwhile 8,500 Irish people are homeless and this includes 3,500 children.DPfI20uW4AAwlqF


President Higgins is 77 –  I’m 71 and I’m saying he’s too old for such a demanding position as president – if we want the presidency to be able for the modern age. He promised the people of Ireland faithfully back in 2011 that he would only seek one term and he must as president stand by his word.

The electorate must have its say over the presidency. As the Irish Independent says today, there is a reason a President does not sit on a throne. It is because we are a democracy and do not do coronations. Even so, it would appear that both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are preparing a coronation by stealth for Michael D. Higgins.

Neither party appears to have the appetite for choosing its own candidate. Indeed one has to go back to 1966  to find a time when the incumbent was last challenged, when Tom Higgins challenged Eamon DeValera unsuccessfully at the time.

Where possible, it is always preferable to have an contest and let democracy have its day. But the two main political parties seem to wish to avoid the cost of fielding their own candidates and would prefer to divert resources and concentrate energies on fighting a general election within the next 18 months. They have European and Local elections to fight as well next May.

yesterday FF leader Micheal Martin was forced to defend his decision to support the cultural Marxist   Higgins for another term, should he decide to seek  re-election, as he is to belatedly tell us next month.

The presidency is an important office of State and ought not to be decided by backroom party deals. As the polls hold, Higgins might well romp home, but thankfully we’ve never had an election by opinion poll yet. But the president should be chosen by the electorate and not by whatever is convenient for a political party.

We need a youthful president like Macron of France or Trudeau of Canada in this day and age.  Higgins, God bless him, could easily die in office so there would be an election anyway, unless they then hand the presidency to his most deserving elderly widow, or to one of his children.  So you can see that this could readily descend into farce yet.Higgins

THERE IS NO EQUALITY. Dublin 15 is dangerous!

The Irish are white first and Irish second! There is no equality. There was never any equality of the races or nations.  Nature itself is based on primacy. The races are very different. For instance we see that the black nations excel in sport, the whites in the power of intellect.

Thus you can’t classify a recently arrived African as one of “the new Irish”. In fact this country must be bewildering to him in so many ways. Torn from his homeland the African youth sticks to his own and thus you get the African gangs in Dublin 15 that are attacking suburban trains, injuring, robbing and intimidating the commuters. Sexual assault is massively on the rise since mass immigration began.

It is plain to be seen that there is no equality in Dublin 15. Balbriggan is the new Johannesburg which has the greatest murder rate in the world today. The facts, the truth, have to be shamelessly told.  Metropolitan Ireland is in crisis due to the mass migration forced on this small country over the past twenty years.

Irish people have understandably begun to defend themselves. We are, after all, the Fighting Irish. People have begun to join the new  parties such as Identity Ireland and The National Party. Next May’s local and European elections are great opportunities for these new parties that have emerged to speak up for the Irish people and organise against this mass invasion of our country, because that is what it is.

The good nature of the Irish people is taken advantage of by the media and the system politicians. But Irish people are suffering now, they are being passed over for council houses in favour of the newly arrived.  Poor Irish whites are continuously sidelined for jobs as employers find the new arrivals cheaper and more manageable while there are 9000 homeless Irish including 3500 Irish children homeless. This can’t go on!

The country’s finances are stretched to pay five billions extra for social welfare, housing, health and education for all the new arrivals now totalling up to a million in the country, with the government announcing that another million will be brought into Ireland over the next twenty years, by 2040. The National Debt is 206 Billions and rising fast!

And now they have started bringing Africans in directly from the laden shipfuls  of  illegal aliens in the Mediterranean. without criminal or security checking at all. Most of the Mediterranean migrants seem to be illiterate too and therefore of no benefit but another huge drag on the economy and our way of life here in Ireland.

Pictured:    Peter O’Loughlin, Leader and Chairman of the newly registered IDENTITY IRELAND Party, that pouts the Irish People first.Peter


It seems with the  latest intake from a shipful of  illegal aliens from the Mediterranean that the Irish government are intent with filling up the island of Ireland with as many non-whites as possible.
Badly in debt Ireland can’t afford the billions the mass immigration program that now costs Ireland five billions a year in the extra provision of health, welfare, education and housing services for an approximate one million arrived here in the new millennium.

Blacks and Asians are featured on TV programmes and  made to look natural as “the new Irish” as if they are the most natural thing in the world in an irish environment. Globalism rules as the Irish national identity is deliberately undermined  as basically worthless.

Sex is encouraged between Irish girls and the newcomers while the Irish race is degraded and the Nation deliberately downgraded.

They are in such a hurry to pack Ireland with blacks that they are now embarked on an extra program of taking Africans from the Mediterranean and relocating them as “refugees”  directly to Ireland.

Meanwhile over 8000 Irish are homeless and this includes 3,500 Irish children. All parties are involved in this program to wreck the Irish nation and destroy our place forever. It’s done at the behest of the EU who have already strapped the Irish with a massive bank debt of 68 Billions.

There’ll be no Ireland left at the completion of this present program in 2040 unless immediate and terrible action is taken to call a halt to this plan for the genocide of the Irish nation.  Pictured:  Irish president Michael D HigginsHiggins


HigginsSeven years ago President Michael D Higgins was wrongfully elected and imposed on the people of Ireland by the blunder of Pat Kenny reading out a fake message over Irish TV to the population of Ireland.

With respect, we don’t want another seven years of Higgins in the Park. We don’t want a presidential return by opinion poll. We deserve a proper presidential election, that is our right.

I’m 71 and consider myself too old for the presidency. Higgins is 77 and would be 84 before his time would be up , if he lived. If he doesn’t live we would have all the expense of replacing him upon dying in office.

I’m old enough to remember a blind doddering old Eamon DeValera as President. Though a great man in his time, Dev wasn’t there as president with aides finally having to help him around. Higgins looks beat already. He simply won’t be able for full term.

And many people don’t want Higgins anyway.  He signed the Eviction Act into law. He signed laws enabling the Garda to arrest water protesters. He went off and mourned at the funeral of the cruel despot  Fidel Castro who murdered and tortured thousands. Yet g Castro remains a hero to Higgins.

There are several younger people who want to go for the presidency and all of them are great candidates.

Like Kevin Sharkey who could be our first black president.  Kevin, a Donegal man and a renowned  Irish artist , dearly loves Ireland and the Irish people .
Though he wants Ireland to remain in the EU  he wants us to have the freedom to reject the current mass immigration being enforced on Ireland.
He wants Ireland to be totally free again in the world. What a dream that is now but with Kevin Sharkey as president it could become a reality.


People living in all the estates around Nowlan Park in St. John’s Parish have been bawled out by Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan as being “haters” and “racists” because of their genuine objection to the proposed mosque being built on their doorsteps.

Noonan stated that he is so ashamed of such Kilkenny people that he wished he was born in somewhere like Ballaghadereen rather than in Kilkenny!  He went on to say that such people as objected to the mosque made him ashamed of his native city of Kilkenny.  He condemned those who opposed the siting of the mosque in St. John’s as xenophobic.

Yet Councillor Noonan wasn’t even present at the controversial meeting about the mosque that he condemned so bitterly. BTW he was absent from the mayoral election in City hall also last week.  Basically he condemned things he never saw or heard at first hand! Thus he has gotten it all so horribly wrong.

For nobody at the meeting actually condemned the mosque at all.  It was the actual siting of the proposed mosque that was criticised so strenuously and genuinely by residents who are continuously subjected to the highest traffic levels in Kilkenny and are thus long suffering in such a badly congested area.  Yet Noonan has no sympathy with them at all, in fact he savagely attacks the people of St. John’s parish in the MSM.

If the city Green candidate keeps this up he can hardly expect a vote across john’s Bridge in the local elections next May!   For he fails to see that the objectors have, as  long suffering residents, a genuine gripe against excessive traffic.  He fails to see the valid points that they make at all.

Many actually favour the mosque but not in the Hebron estate, many would support it if built on the Freshford road where the current mosque is in a rented house.

Noonan  is living across the river in a nice cul de sac in Loughboy miles away from the proposed site of the mosque.

Up on the Ballyfoyle Road John &  Andrew McGuinness are well sheltered away from it all in their tree-lined grove as well.

It’s easy for such councillors to talk., they don’t ever walk the walk, as the objectors’ leader Eugene McGuinness says. And it’s looking more than likely that Eugene will be elected next year as long as he keep the mosque away. And this he is determined to do all the way to the steps of the high Court in Dublin if needs be.

[Photos: Cllr. Malcolm Noonan , top.
Eugene McGuinness, bottom.]


Eugene McGuinness, Deputy John McGuinness’s brother who halted the Mosque in Kilkenny, is a straight individual who shoots from the hip & gives it straight from the shoulder. He’ll contest next year’s local elections –  if he’s elected the Kilkenny Council won’t know what hit them!

Eugene is the popular leader in Kilkenny against the mosque proposed for his area of the city that already suffers from massive traffic and disruption on a weekly basis.

The proposed mosque is also sited to tower seventy feet up  over the main Catholic cemetery on the main access road into the themed Medieval City of Ireland where Eugene says it would be incongruously situated.

He fears the city would lose out badly in terms of the loss of its theme as Ireland’s medieval city that brings so much tourism and money into Kilkenny.

Also called The Marble City and Ye Faire Citie Kilkenny, as every schoolboy knows,  was the capital of Ireland during the Confederation of Kilkenny when the Irish parliament sat there in the little city from 1642 to 1649 until  Cromwell put an end to Kilkenny’s greatness back then.

Eugene therefore maintains that the proposed mosque would hit the city’s image as the Catholic capital of Ireland in medieval times and destroy our claims to greatness on top of losing us good money as a top tourist destination in Ireland.  He is going for election , he says, to defend the city’s prosperity on behalf of all the small business that depends on tourism based on our themed status.

Lately he has made a great start by organising a really talented committee for his Independent organisation, Kilkenny Community network, centred around John’s parish in the city but geared to expand out across Kilkenny city to deal as an activist organisation on  several important local issues.

And though his legendary father was seven times the Fianna Fail Mayor of Kilkenny  and Eugene worked closely with him,  he tells us that he was never a card-carrying member of Fianna Fail as he was always too  independent minded to join a party.

However – and there’s always a however – his brother deputy John McGuinness opposes the election of Eugene on the grounds that it might endanger the Council seat of his own son Andrew McGuinness who is a sitting councillor.

John told The Kilkenny Journal that “my father would turn in his grave at the disloyalty of my brother Eugene” and went on to describe the rebellious Eugene in no uncertain terms.

We have to disagree with John. There will be seven Council seats on the re-organised Kilkenny city ward – but only six sitting councillors , including Cllr. Andrew McGiuinness, to contest those seven seats next May.

It seems to us that John McGuinness is being ultra careful about preserving his son’s seat, that there’s plenty of room if they work together to have both returned in the local elections next May 26th.
Best of luck to both men, a credit to our Faire Citie.


Hospital regime “geared towards euthanasia” shortened the lives of over 450 people in Gosport

21 June 2018

​Families of the Gosport victims call for justice. 

An earlier police statement said there was a culture of “involuntary euthanasia”

More than 450 people died in Gosport War Memorial Hospital after being prescribed “dangerous doses” of clinically unjustified pain killers, a damning new report has found.

An independent panel led by former bishop of Liverpool James Jones concluded that between 1989 and 2000 “the lives of over 450 people were shortened as a direct result of the pattern of prescribing and administering opioids that had become the norm at the hospital, and that probably at least another 200 patients were similarly affected.”

Furthermore, the report said, “there was a disregard for human life and a culture of shortening the lives of a large number of patients.”

Another Shipman or institutionalised culture of killing?

This “institutionalised practice of shortening lives” occurred under the direction of clinical assistant Dr Jane Barton, who was responsible for prescriptions made on the wards. In 2010, the General Medical Council ruled that Dr Barton was guilty of multiple instances of professional misconduct relating to 12 patients who died at the hospital, but she was never struck off and has since retired. However, the report found that the fear that they were dealing with “another Dr Shipman” led any investigations to focus solely on whether she was guilty of unlawful killing, rather than pursuing a wider investigation.

In fact, the report says, the “practice of anticipatory prescribing, and of administering certain drugs in circumstances and doses beyond what would have been indicated or justified clinically, involved the consultants, the clinical assistant, the nurses and the pharmacists.”

Non-dying patients put on death pathway

Some nurses had questioned the practise as early as 1991, but their concerns were overlooked. One nurse, Pauline Spilka, described how syringe drivers, a device used to administer a constant dosage of drugs over a period of time, was used. “It was also clear to me that any patient put onto a syringe driver would die shortly after. During the whole time I worked there I do not recall a single instance of a patient not dying having been put onto a driver.”

She also related several shocking stories of the device being used inappropriately. In one case, she came into work to find that a difficult but active and responsive patient, who she had not considered to be near death, was on a syringe driver and unconscious. The nurse responsible wasn’t able to reassure her that the patient had known this action would lead to his death. “Knowing [the patient] as I did I am confident that he to [sic] would not have allowed the introduction of a syringe driver had he known of the outcome…I am concerned that he was certainly not in imminent fear of death when he allowed the syringe driver to be introduced.” Another lady, whose family insisted that medication be stopped and refused the syringe driver, “improved beyond all recognition” and went home, she said.

Euthanasia regime

A police detective, reporting an interview with Nurse Spilka, said: “She describes the ward at [sic] the ‘Dead Loss’ ward as opposed to Daedlus. She describes the regime of [the nurse] as being geared towards euthanasia.” She also said that “indiscriminate use of Syringe Drivers on Patients in the Daedalus Ward at Gosport War Memorial Hospital is my main concern. It appeared to me then and more so now that euthanasia was practised by the nursing staff.”

There were other accusations that euthanasia was taking place. A 2002 expert report by Prof Gary Ford stated: “Routine use of opiate and sedative drug infusions without clear indications for their use would raise concerns that a culture of ‘involuntary euthanasia’ existed on the ward.” A distressed son spoke of his “amazement that I was being asked to sanction what appeared to be euthanasia” on his mother.

Cannot be justified as end of life care

The report also noted a pattern of clinical judgements being made that patients were close to death, regardless of the purpose of their admission or the plan in place. “It may be tempting to view what happened at the hospital in the context of public debate over end of life care, what a ‘good death’ is, and assisted dying,” it said. “That would be a mistake. What happened at the hospital cannot be seen, still less justified, in that context. The patients involved were not admitted for end of life care but often for rehabilitation or respite care. The pattern of prescribing and administering drugs was excessive and inappropriate in the ways explained in this Report.”

Euthanasianist culture

Dr Anthony McCarthy of SPUC commented: “The failures recounted in the report are fully consistent with adoption in some quarters of a euthanasiast culture. Such a culture views it as an acceptable solution to replace genuine care with the intention to bring about the early death of vulnerable patients. The systematic failure of both medical and legal bodies to take appropriate action in the face of concerns raised by nurses suggests that constant propaganda in favour of euthanasia and an indulgent attitude to ‘hard cases’ is doing its work. We welcome this report and hope that it awakens everyone to the real dangers posed by a pro-euthanasia climate and the perversion of palliative care. To begin to treat certain lives as unworthy of life, whether through the assessment of the patient or simply that of a doctor or bureaucrat, is to be at odds with the most basic Hippocratic principles and basic justice to vulnerable human beings.”

The families of those who died, who have been campaigning for justice for the last twenty years, are calling for criminal prosecutions to be brought. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was apologised to the families for 20 years “of anguish and pain” and said that he will work with the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether criminal proceedings can be brought.


There is a similar death path in operation at St. Columba’s hospital, the local County Home, in Thomastown, County Kilkenny. The Kilkenny Journal warned three years ago of the local palliative care unit at the home that is run by a mere local G.P. who visits daily. It’s supervised by a doctor Cotter, a consultant, at a distance. No doctor wants to be closely associated with this large-scale death house in Ireland.

The diabolical method used is mainly the continuous morphine injection without Oxygen to the hapless patient – after the relations are persuaded that this treatment is needed for pain. Most people don’t know that a constant oxygen supply must be maintained to a patient under continuous Morphine, otherwise they’ll die , and that’s the name of the game at St. Columba’s hospital, Thomastown, County Kilkenny,  Ireland, otherwise known as The County Home.

They call it “palliative care” and run what they call “death pathways” therein. Abandon hope all ye who enter there!


Hill of Tara Midsummer Solstice events tomorrow for the Longest Day 2018, commemorating and appreciating our ancient Druids, Fili & Faidh, who were eventually wiped out by Rome but left a lasting spiritual and intellectual legacy to Ireland. The Truth against the World!

Tomorrow’s events  will focus on the poetry of the Fili, the druidic bards of Ireland.  All will gather at Maguire’s restaurant on the hill. The Chosen Chief & Chief Scribe of the Druidic Order of Ireland will attend. Celebrations all day long. All are welcome.TaraTara


Five gardai detained a suspect as he tried to board the 1.18 PM Kilkenny-Dublin train today. They questioned this badly dressed well built young man who looked to be in his Thirties. The Gardai were taking no chances as they questioned him at the station forecourt as he appeared to be a very hard man indeed  to look at. He was badly dressed and disheveled and appeared to be a fugitive, perhaps who had slept out while on the run. They were taking no chances at all as they handcuffed the man.

Decently they allowed  the man to make a phone call over a mobile before they placed him in a squad car – two cars had attended the scene. He was a white man and we thought he spoke with an Irish accent as we strained to hear him speak from a distance.

There is no doubt about the increased Garda activity since the new station superintendent came to town a couple of months ago. The new super means business and rightly so. Indeed anybody committing crime in Kilkenny is at nothing but is now completely up against it as Garda activity has reached an all-time peak in the city.

We were encouraged by what we saw. Tonight we were further encouraged by the high level of Garda presence on the streets of Kilkenny.  Congratulations to all our heroes in blue out there to ensure our safety in our beds. You won’t find a better police force anywhere than the boys and girls  of Kilkenny Station.drunk